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Plant Spirit Healing
Life Stream Multidimensional
sessions for all species - animals and humans

*** Life Stream Multidimensional sessions***

This is a system Susan has developed in response to her long term inner guidance and meditation experiences, spiritual training, and course work in various modalities such as Reiki, Matrix Energetics and Plant Spirit Healing. Its purpose is to help you realize and work with the multidimensional streams of life and lifetimes that are affecting your current situation. In these interactive sessions she accesses the wisdom offered by your inner and higher or soul awareness, your guides and guardians from other realms, and her guides and intuition. Together you explore the roots of your concerns and then work to identify, catalyze and facilitate your potential for intentional change. The result is personal transformation, increased self knowledge, and enhanced alignment with your soul's desires and life purpose. Susan utilizes multiple "tools" in these sessions, which have a variety of life stream origins. These include nature based operants such as elements and elemental, devic and angelic guides, biosystems, and crystalline and other natural frequencies; principles of quantum physics such as parallel universes and time travel; collective conscious and unconscious (Animal Mundi) themes such as archetypes, animal totems, and myths. The sessions are fun and surprising while shedding light on our hidden and outdated patterns and helping us to understand our selves better and to initiate updated, more fruitful perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and actions.

*** Plant Spirit Healing ***

Plant Spirit Healing is an ancient method of working directly with the intelligence and healing powers of plants. This modality is akin to the shamanic methods used by indigenous peoples and their medicine men, though Susan does not consider herself a shaman or medicine woman; she believes we are each our own healers, and that she serves as a bridge or a conduit for the forces she is in relationship with so that they can aid her clients in their healing needs. These sessions do not involve the use of any psychotropic plants, drugs or chemicals. Through shamanic journeying with her plant allies, Susan facilitates the various plant consciousnesses in their abilities to clear, strengthen and balance the chakras and meridians; restore vital force; release imprints and entities trapped in the energy field; heal spiritual malnourishment or loss of spirit; and guide soul retrievals. Plant Spirit Healing can offer us more clarity about who we are and why we are here, catalyze our capacity to become all we can be, and activate our ability to be fully engaged in our lives while fulfilling our unique destinies. Like vibrational essences, Plant Spirit Healing addresses the roots of physical symptoms and goes beyond them to offer healing on the emotional, mental, spiritual and soul levels. Susan offers this modality to hasten, expand and deepen (not replace) the work she offers through vibrational essences, and essences are immensely useful for helping us to anchor in and stabilize the immediate shifts created by Plant Spirit Healing sessions. Thse sessions may be done either interactively over the phone, or after a preliminary discussion, Susan will conduct a private session on your behalf in her sacred healing space and discuss it with you afterward.

Both of these healing modalities access living forces and awarenesses that exist out of ordinary time and space boundaries. They are therefore as effective when done at a distance as if done in person.


If you're considering a presentation for your area or group, Susan will happily discuss it with you. Popular topics are listed at the bottom of this page.


Events 2008 - Susan is not participating in events this year due to her study and retreat schedule.

Events 2007

Mt. Shasta 4th of July weekend event
samples and special prices on Shining Spirits Heat Relief formula, courtesy animal communicator, healer, artist Denise Schultz!

Camarillo Annual Adoptathon - Thank you for your support!
This event was a HUGE success - more than 120 rescued animals found forever homes!

Shining Spirits donated Expanded Family essence formulas in the adopted animals gift bags and
animal communication and flower essence sessions with Susan in the silent auction
event courtesy: Rescue Me Inc.

Events 2006

Santa Barbara Natural Medicine Fair
Meet local holistic practitioner and product resources
Susan will be giving a presentation on essences and selling essence products
sponsored by Pathways to Natural Health / Points of Health

Santa Barbara Wellness Expo
leading holistic practitioners, wellness technology and products, art, music, organic food
sample and purchase Susan's essence products

to benefit the Community Environmental Council

Introduction to Telepathy class
learn how to access your natural intuitive and telepathic abilities
Soul Centered, Ojai CA, 805-640-8222

Earth Day Celebration
sample Shining Spirits blends for attuning and healing to the environment

enter a drawing for a free essence or communication session with Susan
Santa Barbara CA

Events 2005

Introduction to Animal Communication workshop, Ojai
accessing our natural abilities and learning basic tips, tools and pitfalls

Fall Equinox Goddess Party, Santa Barbara CA
introducing new Shining Spirits formulas for people
power animal readings and shamanic animal essences

Events 2004

Personal Appearance, Pets Naturally in Sherman Oaks
Holistic Animal Care Seminar, Torrance CA
Animal Wellness Expo, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA

Events 2003

Lecture, Ojai School of Massage, Small Animal Program
Holistic Healing Arts, Ojai Day

published articles by Susan

Follow the links below for the articles to appear on your screen
Feel free to request a reprint or print these for your own personal use.

"In Honor of the Interspecies Bridge"

sharing the gifts and offerings of our animal brethren
(originally published in The New Spirit)

"Vibrational Essences ~ gifts from the heart and spirit of Nature"
the unique ways essences can help us with both everyday and deeper, higher level needs
(originally published in The New Spirit)

"Elder Joy"
specific essences well-suited for use with elder animals (and people!)
(originally in Vibration e-zine)

"The Greatest Gift of All"
how essences can ease holiday stresses for your animals (and yourself)
(originally published in Animal Wellness magazine)

Seminars * Workshops * Classes

Susan is an experienced speaker who loves sharing the joys of the essence world and animal communication with others.

Presentations can be designed to suit your organization's or group's interests and needs.

Topics can include vibrational essences, intuitive animal communication, and attuning to plant and nature spirits and other aspects of the Nature kingdom.

* Individualized Tutoring * Mentoring *

Susan is an accomplished mentor in vibrational essences, especially with animal healers. Her years of clinical supervision, lecturing experience and patient counseling in medical, university and research facilities provided her with skills to transmit information on whatever level is appropriate for the listener. She would be happy to discuss your individual needs and design a program for you to learn about essences.

  • For lay people, essences are a fabulous healing tool to become comfortable with using for oneself and one's human and animal family.
  • For professional healers, this is a great way to focus on just what you need to know about essences so you can easily and confidently incorporate them into your own professional practice.
  • Inquiries are welcome from essence novices and experienced users alike.