Life Stream Transformational Sessions

are fun, surprising, profound!

The real truth of existence is sealed,
Until after many twists and turns of the road.

These unique sessions address a wide range of goals including:

  • improving physical well being
  • changing emotional and mental patterns
  • updating and upgrading behavioral habits
  • enhancing personal and spiritual growth

The imaginatively purposeful approach of this work is twofold:

  • to discover the factors that originally generated or continue to affect your situation, and then
  • to access those causal streams in a manner that allows you to transform them in present time

This work has generated verifiable outcomes for many clients. All that is required to benefit from this work are clear intention, curiosity, imagination, creativity and trust. The sessions are fun and surprising as they illuminate our hidden and outdated patterns, help us understand our selves better, and support us in initiating more fruitful thoughts, beliefs and actions.


Root causes that underlie current states can be perceived and altered within the multidimensional streams of life present in our holographic universe. Accessing what physics terms "the zero point field" of existence allows us to generate “real” time shifts in our body, mind and spirit conditions. Resultant shifts may manifest as personal transformation, increased self knowledge, enhanced alignment with your soul's desires and purpose, or a nearly infinite variety of other benefits.

The actual is limited,
The possible immense.


What happens in a LifeStream session?

These are creatively interactive sessions during which Susan accesses the wisdom available through your inner / higher / soul awareness, your guides and guardians from other realms, and her own guides, helpers and intuition. Together you explore the roots of your concerns and then catalyze and facilitate your capacity for intentional change, by accessing what she calls "life streams" - the multidimensional aspects of living forces which share our universe.

These life streams include:

the elements, devas and nature spirits, plants, minerals, and ecosystems;

the Angelic realm , including your guardians and other Angels and Archangels;

parallel universes and time travel;

and archetypes from myths, stories, art, tarot; animal totems; sacred geometry; spiritual icons; homeopathic and other remedies. In sahort, any concepts contained in our collective consciousness.

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We may visit a sacred space across the globe, retrieve something you lost, infuse you with a particular pattern from nature or enter a landscape that offers you the elements you need to embody a change, meet a familiar or unfamiliar guide such as a power animal or a strange figure from another galaxy, build a structure to house what you want or hold things you no longer need, be given a toy that will help you heal or a magic carpet to transport you to where you need to go. Many times familiar mythological or common culture archetypes appear to show us the way or to explain what is hidden. We are limited only by our imaginations and the guidance we access.

You must imagine your life,
And then it happens.

(John Updike)


Sometimes we slip down the rabbit hole.    

Sometimes we enter a sacred realm.     

And sometimes we remember our self ... from another time or era.


How does it work?

These tools may seem fantastical, but they are soundly based on quantum physics, traditional alchemical methods, and both ancient and modern mystery school practices.

Everything is composed of energy. Everything is light and information and all is interconnected. Ours is a holographic universe wherein each part contains the whole and the whole is a synergistic observation of our combined beliefs and expectations, mediated by our sensory systems. When we open our minds to the possibility of accessing and harnessing this holographic reality to experience a new and different state, rather than basing our reality on what occurred in the past, then real change can occur at the speed of light.

Once we accept the shifts in energy flow and perspective as real, we can creatively activate new patterns in our consciousness and in our energy field, reframing and redesigning ourpersonal reality in a very … well, real way, bringing it into greater harmony with our soul's intention, dreams and desires.

Often times this involves recalling and processing experiences that startled or frightened us into developing physical, emotional, mental or behavioral coping patterns, which no longer serve our present day selves. By healing these imprints we are holding in our energy fields and consciously choosing to update our perceptions and beliefs, we become able to move forward in our lives with greater freedom and in closer alignment with our true nature.

And We Do Not Fear
(Nicholas Roerich)

Where did this modality come from?

Susan developed this transformative work in response to a variety of influences including her own soul nature, personal guides, spiritual awareness, and professional training in modalities such as Vibrational Essences, Reiki, Matrix Energetics and Plant Spirit Healing.

Utilizing her intuition and yours, following any threads or clues perceived in the sessions, she gently supports you in releasing outdated constructs and replacing them with new ones of your choice that better suit your current and divine self.

Along the way she ensures your abilty to discern the shifts created within you, so you will be able to stabilize and further them later on by yourself. She may offer you follow up essence work to help you anchor in the changes, or suggest actions you might take to deepen your transformational process.

The sessions are fun, inspiring, insightful, lightening, enlightening, often exhilarating and enormously healing – frequently in completely unanticipated ways. You never know what to expect when you shift from mundane reality into the multidimensional streams of Life. So if you embark on this journey, you will want to stay tuned - but don’t fasten your seatbelt or hold onto your hat - because you might be getting a new mode of transportation or a gem encrusted crown!

To accomplish great things,

we must not only act, but also dream,
ot only plan but also believe.
(Anatole France)

“Second [star] to the right, then straight on till morning!” (J. M. Barrie)