Elder Joys

essences for elderly animals (and people)

Those of us lucky enough to share our life with animal companions know the following: their unconditional love, loyalty and devotion are matchless, and we will do anything in our power to extend their quality of life for as long as possible. As our animals reach their later years, flower and other vibrational essences are the perfect tools to help us do just that.

Companion animals have many of the same aging concerns that people do, and don't necessarily find them any easier to accept than we do. Unwelcome changes in health, lifestyle and behavioral patterns can lead to feelings of sadness, insecurity, boredom, frustration, anxiousness, loneliness, confusion and isolation. The good news is that the wide range of essences available today can alleviate many of these difficulties and restore happiness to our hearts, peace to our minds, and comfort to our souls.

Essences dissolve the energetic blocks accumulated throughout a lifetime, so they can be especially useful in later years. They safely and gently balance and strengthen the energy system, providing a stabilizing effect unmatched by other modalities. Since they're free of side-effects and don't interact with other substances, they're uniquely supportive during illness and convalescence. Best of all, elderly animals deeply appreciate the renewing, regenerating and uplifting vibrations that only essences provide.

The essences mentioned in this article are available from the following makers -- the numbers beside them correspond to the numbers you'll find in the text below to tell you which maker offers that essence. There are many producers of common essences, so you may find some of these from other makers as well.

  1. Flower Essence Society
  2. Anaflora Flower Essences for Animals
  3. Bach Flower Remedies
  4. Australian Bush Flower Essences
  5. Alaskan Flower Essences
  6. Ancient Forest Essences
  7. Master's Flower Essences
  8. Desert Alchemy

Positive emotions are vital to good quality of life and are one of the greatest gifts that essences have to offer. Borage (1) is unsurpassed for providing joy, optimism, cheerfulness, encouragement, faith and courage to those who are heavy-hearted, discouraged or ill. California Wild Rose (1) restores enthusiasm for life after hardship, opens the heart to accept more love, and boosts convalescent appetites. Sierra Rein Orchid (2) quickly brings an effervescent lightness to animals burdened by underlying sadness. Blackberry (1) renews hope and gladness and regenerates chakra balance.

Little Flannel Flower (4) facilitates reconnection with one's inner child, a special gift to those who grew up too fast or have never known how to play. Orange Calcite (5) provides joy, energy, creativity, and positivity. Herkimer Diamond (5) releases tension and stress and promotes clarity of dreams. (How many hours does your elder animal spend sleeping?) Chalice Well (5) uplifts with the nurturing energies of the nature, angelic, and spiritual kingdoms, and Big Springs (2) revitalizes and renews love of life.

Many elders develop resistance to change or become set in their ways. Willow (3) restores flexibility and eases resentment, Beech (3) improves tolerance for others and undesired situations, and Bauhinia (4) promotes curiosity and open-mindedness. Walnut (3) aids acceptance of change on deep levels, while Pear (7) assists with lifestyle adjustments, eases anxiousness and calms fears. Hairy Butterwort (5) supports moving through change without developing illness in response to it, especially helpful for those with pre-existing weaknesses. Chrysocolla (5) promotes openness in our hearts and minds. Brazilian Quartz (5) assists adjustment to change as it cleanses, grounds and stabilizes the entire energy system. Rock Water (3) enhances flexibility on all levels. Panther Springs( 2) promotes joy and a welcome spontaneity.

Socialization needs and tolerances sometimes change as we age. Rather than signaling disinterest, social reluctance is often due to increased sensitivity or decreased energy levels. Mallow (1) promotes open-hearted friendliness and reduces age-related insecurities. Douglas Violet (2) encourages staying connected and present with loved ones rather than withdrawing to conserve energy. Grass of Parnassus (5) strengthens individual presence within the family constellation, cleanses, energizes and protects the aura; and promotes joy and serenity. Zinnia (1) helps older animals to tolerate (sometimes even enjoy) younger animals, and may stimulate their own playfulness as well. Holly (3) enables trust and inclusion of new animals and people in the family, alleviating insecurity, jealousy and unwelcoming behaviors. Covellite (5) reduces vulnerability to the energies of others by reinforcing energetic boundaries. Rose Quartz (5) cleanses pain held in the heart from the past and promotes faith, forgiveness, and acceptance of oneself and others. Swiss Glacier (6) melts barriers around the heart and Full Moon Eclipse (6) promotes conflict resolution.

Elders can experience reduced self-worth and loss of purpose as their abilities decline, and essences can be immensely supportive of positive, conscious passage through the later life stages. Western Aster (2) encourages mental focus, clear memory, self-appreciation and acceptance of the aging process. Dreamweaver Rose (2) allays boredom by rekindling creativity, restoring sense of purpose and enhancing dreamwork. Agave (8) fosters self-trust, self-empowerment and self-mastery.

Senita Cactus (8) promotes forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, softness, faith and grace in the role of elder. Sequoia (6) supports attunement to ancient wisdom and the courage to manifest one's timeless self. Gold (5) offers self-esteem, self-confidence, self-identity, strength, clarity, joy and connection with one's inner truth and wisdom. Carnelian (5) bolsters mental focus, interest in the physical aspects of life, self-esteem and self-confidence. Norwegian Waterfall (6) dissolves confusion and self-doubt and engenders self-empowerment. Avebury Stone Circle (6) enhances realignment with purpose through clarity and focus.

These are just a few of the many essences which particularly suit elderly animals and some of their needs. As always, it's important to explore the underlying reasons for an individual's imbalances when selecting essences and to rule out medical factors. Most companion animals spend their lifetimes gladly serving their people in a multitude of ways. It's well worthwhile investigating the immense healing potential and vibrational comfort that essences have to offer them.

Our elder animals deserve great respect for their wisdom. They have so much to teach us about aging gracefully and sharing generously. We must tell them how wonderful they are and return their love and devotion in kind. Given our attention and consideration, along with appropriate medical care and vibrational support, they can fully enjoy their golden years while happily serving us as exemplars for our own.


originally published in Vibration e-zine