The Greatest Gift of All

easing seasonal stress with vibrational essences

The joys of the holiday season can be greatly expanded by sharing them with our animal companions. Watching them unwrap presents, savor special meals and join the festivities adds their pleasure to our own. And if the peace and enjoyment of the season become elusive due to heightened emotions and extra stimulation, we can all rely on the power of vibrational essences to restore our serenity.

Vibrational essences are pure liquid infusions of flowers, gemstones, and other gifts of nature. They act energetically and profoundly to resolve emotional, mental, spiritual and behavioral imbalances. Essences are at the cutting edge of modern day alternative health care, bridging the venerable wisdom of an ancient healing system with the future of mind-body science.

Today unprecedented numbers of people are seeking healthy ways to enhance the well-being of their animals. Essences are totally safe, gentle, affordable and easy to use with anyone when properly diluted for specific species and conditions. Their naturally healing vibrations are especially beneficial for animals in urban environments, many of whom long for a direct connection to nature. Best of all, animals love taking essences and respond to them very rapidly.

The growing popularity of essences is making them increasingly available. Many holistic practitioners and pet shops provide good advice and ready solutions for common problems. Essence specialists also furnish custom formulas for individual needs and expert guidance in complicated cases. It’s important to remember that best results require resolution of underlying causes as well as external symptoms, and that medical and lifestyle requirements must be met when managing emotional or behavioral difficulties. That said, numerous essences offer qualities applicable to seasonal concerns.

Essences are highly effective for general calming purposes, and are entirely free of sedative or other side effects. Many release stress, promote relaxation, uplift moods and relieve upsets. Socialization problems and over-stimulation may be addressed with essences for nervousness, sensory overload and self-control. Essences for mental flexibility and acceptance of the way things are in the moment support changes in routine, and if travel is involved others can allay loneliness, anxiousness and motion discomforts.

Frustrations related to metropolitan congestion and social, time, and financial pressures all contribute to seasonal tensions. When the holidays take a toll on us, many of our animals assist us by absorbing our emotions. We can assist them in return with essences that buffer negative energies, in addition to reducing our stress. It’s valuable to remember ourselves when offering essences to our animal friends. Taking them together amplifies their effects and is a wonderful way to enhance interspecies bonds.

Sharing vibrational essences with our families helps us create a joyful resonance in our homes, subtler but not unlike the inspirational music of the season. Moreover, continuing to use them for a while longer may extend their benefits beyond the temporal, allowing animals and people alike to flow through life with more ease and grace. And when that happens, the harmonious blessings of the essences turn out to be the greatest gift of all.

This article was originally published in Animal Wellness Magazine, in the Nov-Dec 2004 issue.