Vibrational Essences
Gifts from the Heart and Spirit of Nature

“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
To hold infinity in the palm of our hand,
And eternity in an hour.”
- William Blake

Flowers, trees, mountains and seas have been restoring our bodies, calming our minds, and uplifting our spirits forever. Renaissance alchemists turned to the divine wisdom of natural magic to address the ills of the previous epoch, and similarly in this new millennium a golden age of holistic philosophy is arising in response to the 20th century mechanization of society and medicine.

Vibrational essences have roots steeped in ancient alchemy and the use of plants, crystals, and curative waters as sacred medicine tools. Yet in our modern time they are cutting-edge multidimensional liquid healers embodying the harmony, heart and soul of Nature. Today as essences serve to integrate our bodies, minds and spirits, they are also serving to bridge primordial wisdom and the future of holistic healing.

Flower essences are light-filled infusions of plant energies, potentized by the sun into pure water and stabilized with a natural preservative. Co-creatively manifested through the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether) and the cooperation of the nature kingdom, properly made flower essences are holographic plant spirit medicines that embody the plant’s life force patterns, consciousness and archetypal wisdom.

While flower essences and gem elixirs have been in use for eons, recent decades have witnessed an exponential expansion with the field embracing many other aspects of Nature. The collective term “vibrational essences” includes those made from flowers, crystals, minerals, sea life, stars, planets, geological formations like waterfalls and volcanoes, sacred sites such as healing springs and stone circles. Esoteric energies are captured ceremonially, for example, power animal totems, angelic realms, and astrological events. Absorbing vibrations ranging from the Brazilian rainforest to Himalayan alpine meadows to starfish to whales to Venus to higher realms has become a simple matter of accepting a few vibrant drops of their essence into our energy fields.

Every essence vibrates at the characteristic frequency of its source and offers unique healing qualities. Each droplet acts like a divine tuning fork, restoring electromagnetic balance to our etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle energy fields through the principle of resonance. They clear energy blocks at their frequency level by flooding us with the positive opposing vibration; for example, replacing the energy of fear with the energy of courage. If a recipient has no imbalance at their particular frequency, an essence has no effect.

Essences are purely energetic substances without biochemical constituents, side effects, toxicity or contraindications for use. Their benign, noninvasive, self-regulating qualities make them safe for all living beings. They’re gentle enough for those who are fragile or oversensitive, and suitable for use with babies, the elderly, and the infirm. They do not interfere with and are highly supportive of other treatment modalities. Their subtlety belies their power, however.

Essences have a sphere of application seemingly as infinite as the gifts that Nature bestows so freely. Providing equally valuable healing potential for everyday challenges and deep personal growth, various essences address trauma and abuse, fears and anxieties, outdated emotions, thoughts and behaviors, learning and socialization difficulties, daily stresses and major transitions, grief and loss, and life purpose and soul path matters. They can release past life and karmic issues as well as balance current patterns that might otherwise cloud our futures. Common uses include: trauma recovery, sleep disturbances and nightmares, attention and focus difficulties, easing major life transitions such as moving and marital status, changes in lifestyle and habitual or addictive patterns, social anxiety, prosperity consciousness, seasonal affective disorder, support for chronic and terminal illness, hospice needs of patients and caretakers, spiritual development and growth, facilitating meditation practices, and animal rescues, adoptions, training and behavioral concerns.

Essences are truly holistic substances. When well-chosen, they harmonize the underlying root causes of imbalances so related symptoms may dissolve of their own accord. What most people experience when using essences is a peaceful release of inner discord and outer tension. Their profound effectiveness is a demonstration that wellness lies in enlivening our true nature rather than going against it, that dis-ease is often fundamentally a discomfort with or denial of our true selves or the true nature of life, and that Nature is a primary key to healing.

Essences are microcosms of Nature, as likewise we are microcosms of the whole. They remind us that we are children of the universe. Vibrational healing has long addressed the links between body, mind and spirit, and now quantum physics offers an explanation of how these links work. At long last we have a modern interpretation of the hermetic axiom “as above, so below; as within, so without.”

By bridging our subtle energy bodies and our souls, they empower us to tap into our innate wisdom and to remember who we are. They teach us to release feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are not truly ours, and to rest in the comfort of being ourselves. By offering the pure essence of who they are, they demonstrate how we can become the pure and perfect essence of who we are. And when we aren’t sure who we are, they help us to see ourselves more clearly. In encouraging us to explore the world within us and the unseen world around us, they support us in finding our place in both.

Vibrational essences serve our era as inspiring antidotes to the complications and stresses of our pressured lives and culture. By helping us to unfold as gracefully and effortlessly as flowers unfurl their blossoms, essences gently bring us into harmony with our true nature and with the nature of all life. In that wholeness, we find the inner joy and peace that are our birthright and in turn can give them to others.

published in The New Spirit magazine, January 2006