Camellia Japonica "Nuccio's Pearl"

"Follow me to the depths of your soul, wherein reside timeless Truth and Beauty."


Nature's Gifts to Humankind

We can benefit from the healing energies of vibrational essences in many ways. They act primarily on our emotional and mental subtle bodies, restoring harmony on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels and reestablishing a state of centered balance within us. Through the mind-body connection, essences can also improve our physical status when used over time.

Therapeutic applications for essences range from symptomatic relief for short-term situations to profound transformation of lifelong patterns and consciousness. Essences are unsurpassed for supporting us in releasing negative emotions, adverse thoughts, outdated beliefs and unwanted behaviors.

Essences are well-suited to assist us with temporary conditions such as stresses related to taking an exam, moving house or feeling like we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. They can help to neutralize our reactions to undesirable situations or environments, for example predictably tense meetings or the electromagnetic assault of airports. They can help us reframe our habitual reactions to such events and circumstances, balance our oversensitivities and allow us to flow through our days with greater ease and grace.

Essences are immensely helpful in emergency situations and during periods of disappointment and despair. They help us to stay grounded and present when shock or overwhelm occurs, helping us to cope more consciously and calmly with what is before us. After circumstances have resolved, they can assist us in learning from our experiences and moving ahead in our lives with renewed positivity and confidence.

Where essences truly shine is in expanding our ability to develop ourselves in the areas of consciousness and spirituality. For further insight into the profound potential essences hold for transforming ourselves on deeper soul levels, please see that section below on this page.

For a summary of Shining Spirits ready-to-use preformulated essence combinations, please see our Prepared Formulas page.

Using Essences with your Family and for Yourself

Dr. Bach designed his system of essences to be accessible to people from walks of life. He envisioned them as everyday helpers available to all families for their ready and easy use during life's challenging periods.

Essences are wonderful for infants and children since they are so gentle in action and completely free of side effects or risk of overdose. Children especially seem very attuned to the devic qualities of essences, often calling them their fairy friends or flower drops. Essences can resolve learning difficulties and enhance focus and concentration. Ongoing studies are showing their efficacy for such conditions as attention disorders in all age groups.

Essences offer enormous and nurturing emotional support during periods of family stress or lifestyle changes such as an addition or death of a family member, sudden shifts in financial status, residency changes or necessary alterations in schedules, diets or other accustomed aspects of daily living. For such situational uses, essences may be most effective when taken by all affected family members who are willing to participate. When this is not possible, essence use by one or several individual(s) in a family often facilitate positive changes which in effect extend to everyone else as well.

The benign capabilities of essences make them very well-suited for use with the elderly. They can provide gentle help with energetic strengthening and cognitive processes. They can ease fears, concerns, disappointments and frustrations of all kinds as we approach the end of our lives and experience a decline in stamina and physical or mental capability. They also provide a wonderful healing link to nature which is difficult for housebound people to experience in a practical way.

Essences are immensely supportive for family caregivers, whether parenting or providing elder support. They help us to find the inner reserves of patience, forbearance, acceptance and hope which we didn’t know we had. Likewise they are hugely helpful during hospice, grief and bereavement periods, for all family members (including our companion animals). Enhancing our clarity around decisions, supporting our faith in ourselves and our spiritual beliefs, and restoring our enthusiasm for life are some of the greatest gifts essences offer us in this regard.

The many benefits of vibrational essences are being recognized today by a diverse assortment of health and other professionals, including wholistic physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, educators, massage therapists, chiropractors, life coaches, motivational facilitators and spiritual mentors. Other forms of vibrational healing include acupuncture, acupressure, chakra and other meridian therapies, homeopathy, crystal healing and color and sound therapies. These are natural complements to essence work, and as more training programs become available, practitioners in various of these modalities are beginning to offer professional assistance in one or more of the others as well.

I encourage you to consider exploring the many uses and healing gifts of vibrational essences, and to share them with your loved ones. For every life stage and challenging circumstance there are essences available to grant us the harmony and wisdom inherent in the Nature Kingdom. Feel free to play with the essences and enjoy their beneficence. There is no such thing as a “wrong” choice - if an essence is taken which does not resonate with an imbalance in one's energetic system, the worst that can happen is - nothing!

If you prefer to have a helping hand, find an experienced essence practitioner to facilitate your personal exploration. Professional support often offers the most efficient and beneficial results. Essence therapy is both art and science, and there is an enormous range of essences from which the most appropriate and specific choices may be made. Susan and her Shining Spirits are always happy to introduce people to vibrational essences, either through comprehensive services, on an as-needed basis assisting you with your own choices, or with mentoring if you wish to learn more about the wonderful world of essences.


"Mystery" Gardenia

"Welcome to Allah's garden
of purity, compassion, and peace."

Transformation and Empowerment on the Soul level with Vibrational Essences

Each drop of an essence holographically holds the healing consciousness and wisdom of the plants and other life forms from which it is made. When taken with conscious intention, essences are capable of transforming even lifelong emotional, mental, spiritual and physical patterns. One of their most remarkable benefits is their ability to help us identify, strengthen and utilize our own innate gifts and knowledge. With their support we become able to release the holding patterns and cellular blocks we've developed in reaction to difficult challenges during our lives and that impede us on our evolutionary path toward our unique destiny.

Essences support us both forward and backward in time. They allow us to simultaneously clear energetic debris collected from past challenges, meet those same challenges with more equanimity in the present, and encounter similar challenges with more positivity in the future. Residue from our early or past lives and that which we would otherwise carry forward can be dissolved, facilitating our karmic lessons and future incarnations.

In restoring inner harmony to us on this level, essences help us to re-member our true, whole selves and to re-connect with our divine purpose for being here. When we are already aware of our mission, essences grant incredible energetic support and conscious empowerment as we commit fully to proceeding on our journey and fulfilling our destiny. They help us discover the synchronicity and universal support which are always available to help us when we are in alignment with our soul.

Such profound gifts from the essences can seem miraculous. Sometimes their benefits arise swiftly, propelling us out of inharmonious places in our lives. Other times they are subtle and act more gradually. We may perceive ourselves viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, or realize that life is proceeding more smoothly than usual. We may wonder why, or even wonder if we’re imagining it, because taking essences is so easy and it can be difficult to believe that the tiny drops of healing potential can catalyze such shifts. But it is indeed just that simple. Previously significant problems seem to evaporate as we find ourselves living with fewer fears, greater peace, and more graceful unfolding.

This is the gently transformative magic of vibrational essences. Their deepest gifts grant us emotional freedom, mental clarity and self-awareness which blossom into fresh happiness and true joy. As we reclaim our innate power, we grow in wisdom and walk easily and confidently into our life purpose. At their deepest level, essences enhance both our soul’s development and our eternal consciousness, assisting our divine selves in our highest aspirations.