“The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” - Hippocrates

The world of vibrational essences dovetailed Susan's inherent love for the elemental and animal kingdoms, and she feels very blessed to have had her life brought full circle by such enchanting emissaries.

Susan's Background

Susan Draffan grew up in the countryside, where her best friends were her dog, her rabbit, and an "invisible" elfin friend. She spent her happiest times in the woodlands and lake waters. As a young adult, she adopted cats from a city shelter. They instantly demonstrated their indispensability to her happiness, and she has shared her home with marvelous feline family members ever since.

Susan's fascination with flower essences was all encompassing as soon as she discovered them in the early 1990s. Observing their transformative effects on her beloved semi-feral cat inspired her to devote and completely reorient her entire life around them.

As she practiced selecting essences for other animals, she spontaneously began “hearing” the flowers and the animals telling her which essences they most needed. This catalyzed her telepathic abilities with animals and with nature.

Later, Susan noticed some of her animal clients tapping directly into the healing powers of plants and stones as she helped them choose their essences. Her curiosity about this phenomenon led her to develop direct perception skills and plant spirit allies and healing methods.

Susan is abundantly appreciative of the vast wisdom that flower essence, Reiki, animal communication, and plant spirit healing pioneers and colleagues have shared with her over the years. She extends special honor and personal thanks in particular to Sharon Callahan, Steve Johnson, Pam Montgomery, and David Dalton. She is most deeply grateful for the generosity and grace of her primary teachers - her animal family, multidimensional guides, and clients.

Her private practice is informed by the skills she earned in her former academic and professional career as a diagnostician, counselor, and supervisor in a variety of medical and university settings.

Susan is currently creating and researching essences with the unique and powerful spirits of plants and places in the luminous Ojai Valley and surrounding wilderness.

Susan's mission and joy

Susan is committed to illuminating her clients' awareness of their own perfection, and to strengthening human-animal-nature unity for all beings through her life and work. She tithes a portion of her fees to nonprofit agencies benefiting animals and environments.

Susan's greatest joy is to facilitate living beings of all kinds on their paths to wholeness and fulfillment of their divine mission, whether they belong to the Human, Animal, or Nature Kingdom.