Messages From the Wild Ones
Messages From the Wild Ones

Project Basics

Intention: To learn what endangered species have to convey to humanity during this time of tremendous change on our planet, and how we can support our mutual evolution.

All kindred spirits are welcome!
No special skills required.
Bring your love, curiosity, intention.
Participation is FREE, easy, and fun!
There are many ways to join in.
Teleconference and essence support.
Networking via blog and Facebook.


  • Wild Earth Animal Essences  $2
    (one for each animal species)
    These offer an incredible bridge for experiencing the animals' energies and thoughts. Impeccably made and generously donated by Daniel Mapel.

  • Wild Ones Emissary essence  $3
    (can be used for all animals)
    Supports intuitive connection to wild animals and reception of their messages. Designed for this project by founder Susan Draffan

  • Order links are on Members Page

The Animals

  • 11 endangered species
  • 1 per month, over 1 year
  • Work with one, more or all of them

Wild Horse
Sea Turtle
Polar Bear


  • Attendance is optional and free.

  • April 20 - Opening introduction

  • 1st Wednesday of each month,
    from May 2011 – March 2012
    • species background material
    • guided energetic attunements
    • dedications for our intentions
    • questions, sharing, support

  • Moderated by Susan Draffan, animal intuitive and essence practitioner

  • Register for details and access codes.

Ways to Participate

Limited only by your imagination.


  • intuitive communication
  • direct insight
  • dedicated intention
  • arts – draw, paint, write, music, dance
  • dreaming
  • meditations
  • shamanic journeying
  • visit them (sanctuaries, rescues, zoos)
  • prayer work
  • ceremony
  • any other ways you choose


Project email list

  • to receive notices about the project
  • pertinent current events news


  • for sharing our findings
  • entries will be edited for suitability


  • for outreach and networking
  • closed group – invite your friends!

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