Messages From the WIld Ones
Messages From the Wild Ones

Vision: Co-creating a world where all species work collaboratively toward a healthy and harmonious planet. Balancing our individual and collective powers to forge a path of mutual endeavor and evolution for the greatest benefit of all beings everywhere. Walking together into the future, with pure hearts, open minds and clear intention.

Mission: Acknowledging that animals have been of service to humanity since time began (providing us with food, clothing, shelter, love, companionship, healing, wisdom, inspiration, spiritual insight and guidance), we now seek to learn and give voice to what the endangered wild ones have to convey to humanity during this shift of the Ages on our shared planet.

Purpose: To ask not what the animals can do for us, rather to inquire what they wish to request of us during this time of evolutionary change and challenge. To learn directly from them about their hopes and dreams and prayers and visions, in order to gain a deeper understanding of them and to share their perspectives with the world.


  • We believe all species have unique places and roles on Earth, by Divine decree.
  • We know animals are sentient, intelligent, and in many ways experience life as we do.
  • We believe it is the birthright of all wild animals to live freely in healthy places that support their needs and natures.
  • We carry in our hearts and souls the seeds of deep peace on our planet and harmony amongst all species.
  • We choose to meet animals positively, with respect, humility, trust, compassion, gratitude, open minds, soaring spirits, and unconditional Love in our hearts.
  • We honor and appreciate the many gifts and blessings the animals bestow upon us, while responsibly and generously offering all we can give them in return.
  • We rejoice in interspecies relations based on mutual understanding and respect, harmlessness, service, stewardship, cooperation, collaboration, and diversity.
  • We are devoted to fulfilling humanity’s potential for sacred relationship with the Animal Kingdom during this extraordinary time on our planet, in support of the well being and evolution of all life.

This project formally ended in April 2012.

Special events may be held in future.

Registered members and email list members will be notified of any events.

Archival documents and recordings, as well as Facebook membership, are still available for registered members.

Member enrollment is now done via the Contact Page. Simply let us know you wish to register and we will do it for you and send you a note. Unfortunately, due to excessive spam, we have had to delete registration access from this page.

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