Messages From the Wild Ones
Messages From the Wild Ones

This is only a beginning list of like minded and beneficial resources. As time permits, inspirational videos and websites will also be added to this page. Please feel free to send your own favorite resources via the Contact Page form for consideration of inclusion here. Thank you.

project sponsors - founder Susan Draffan;
animal communication, flower essences, plant spirit healing – website design, development and maintenance – Daniel Mapel’s amazing Wild Earth Animal Essences - wildlife photographer

animal welfare and conservation

Earth Island Institute -

Humane Society –

Defenders of Wildlife -

Center for Biological Diversity –

Fund for Animals –

Animal Welfare Institute –

Wildlife Conservation Society –

National Wildlife Federation -

Oceana – ocean habitat and wildlife -

Earthjustice – legal work –

Big Life Foundation -

International Union for Conservation of Nature -

Statutes of Limitations: Animal Law -

Cruelty-free Shopping Guide -

organizations by species (in addition to organizations noted above)

The Grandest of Lives: Eye to Eye with Whales
by Douglas Chadwick
Watching Giants: The Secret Lives of Whales (Hardcover) by Elin Kelsey
Face to Face With Whales (Face to Face with Animals) by Flip and Linda Nicklin
Dolphin Connection and Dolphins into the Future by Joan Ocean
Communicating with the Orcas by Mary Getten

Roger Payne - CD, Songs of the Humpback Whale
Kamal - Reiki Whale Song CD
Cecelia - Voice of the Feminine CD, songs sung by Cecelia and whale voices, including the Amazing Grace track - whale call recordings - whale song audio recordings - DVDs and a Whale Song CD virtual view of the Whale Temple in Vietnam - Dental Facts About Whales (Thanks to Cindy's Girl Scouts)

Profiles in Wisdom: Native Elders Speak about the Earth, by Steve McFadden
Animal-Speak, by Ted Andrews
The California Condor, Snyder NFR, Snyder H, Academic Press, San Diego (2000)

Bald Eagle



Gorillas in the Mist
, Dian Fossey
Primate Origins of Human Cognition and Behavior, T. Matsuzawa, editor
The Gentle Giants: the Gorilla Story, Geoffrey H. Bourne and Maury Cohen. Putnam, New York, 1975
The Magnificent Gorilla: the Life History of a Great Ape / Don Cousins. Book Guild, 1990.

Polar Bear

Panthera –
African Wildlife Foundation –
Global White Lion Protection Trust –
Big Cats Initiative (National Geographic with Dereck and Beverly Joubert) -
Gareth Patterson -
George Adamson Wildlife Protection Trust -
Born Free USA –

Makoyohsokoyi (Story of the Wolf Trail, a.k.a. Milky Way),-.k..-milky-way


Horses - American Horse Defense Fund - Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros

Elephants - has recordings of their voices - Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee - Save the Elephants - Performing Animal Welfare Society - American Wildlife Federation (African wildlife and habitat conservation) - Amboseli Trust for Elephants (Cynthia Moss) - Big Life Foundation
(photographer Nick Brandt’s nonprofit conservation of wildlife and ecosystems in Africa) (Asian elephant conservation group)

Big Cats

Sea Turtles


Condor and other raptors

Cetaceans (whales and dolphins)

photo by © Susan Draffan

The Ten Trusts, by Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff

  1. Rejoice that we are part of the Animal Kingdom.
  2. Respect all life.
  3. Open our minds, in humility, to animals and learn from them.
  4. Teach our children to respect and love nature.
  5. Be wise stewards of life on earth.
  6. Value and help preserve the sounds of nature.
  7. Refrain from harming life in order to learn about it.
  8. Have the courage of our convictions.
  9. Praise and help those who work for animals and the natural world.
  10. Act knowing we are not alone and live with hope.

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