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Ojai Nature Essences made in and around the Ojai Valley
from flowers, trees, stones, landscapes, and ceremony.

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In response to the recent California Wildfires,
these specially designed formulas
are being offered on a donation basis
to all individuals and their families affected by the fires.

All formulas are free for those who need them.
Any donation proceeds from others will be donated to the
Ojai Valley Land Conservancy to support their restoration efforts.
Suggested donation $15-25 per formula.

The formulas are mostly comprised of flower and plant spirit essences co-created in and around the Ojai Valley, particularly from native plants known to survive or respond positively to wildfires.

They are intended to support the recovery of both humans and animals impacted by the fires. Animals can benefit from each of the formulas, in addition to the one designed specifically for those in rescue environs awaiting reunion with their human families, and those awaiting new adoptions.

It is also my hope that by using these essences, we can energetically support
our local environments through the principles of resonance.

Trauma Repair - neutralizes shock and fear, releases trauma imprints, grounds and centers in present time

Renewal - nourishing support for stability, regeneration, recovery, hope, faith

Grief Release - eases grief from loss, separation, displacement; restores the heart, uplifts the spirit

Calm & Peace - promotes mental and emotional calmness and inner peace; helpful also for winding down to get a good night's sleep

Rise & Thrive - accessing and empowering our vitality, wisdom, and ability to serve; finding or renewing our sense of direction and purpose

Caregiver Support - lessens overwhelm and exhaustion; supports healthy compassion without over-empathy

Animal Recovery - supports courage, hope, trust, coping with changes, healing from loss & separation

Please direct inquiries and requests to Susan via the contact page on this site. Thank you.


Messages from the Wild Ones

Messages From the Wild Ones