Animal Communication

Imagine .....

Just imagine, for a moment, that you couldn't communicate with your family or friends. That you had to guess at what they're thinking or feeling, and that they could only guess at your thoughts and feelings. How often would you be right?

Language is many things, and vocalization, or speech, is just a part of it. There are many ways to communicate the meaning of thoughts and feelings. Gestures, facial expressions, body language, visualization, even sign language, music, and art are all ways to communicate. Intuitive listening and telepathic transmissions are another, completely natural and universal way of communicating which goes beyond species, time and space limitations.

If you ever have the feeling that your animal companion is reading your mind, you're probably right! Animals are very telepathic. In contrast, most humans must cultivate our intuitive powers in seeking clearer communication with animals. It is our responsibility, challenge and honor to facilitate interspecies understanding after eons of not hearing the animal kingdom. They desire us to do so, are cheering us on in our efforts, and celebrate with us each successful communication.

And ... if we begin to communicate with the animals we know and love, in time we will likely find ourselves able and willing to seek greater understanding with others ... other animals, other humans, other forms of life ... and perhaps even learn to understand ourselves better, in the process. All of life - not only our fellow humans, but the animals, the plant kingdom, Mother Earth - is depending on us to do so.

It is time.

What is animal communication?

Essentially, it is communicating heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul with a nonhuman animal.

Animal communication, also known as interspecies communication, is simply two-way communication with an individual of another species. Just as animals do, we can learn to receive and express thoughts through the use of telepathy.

"Tele" - "pathy" translates from its Greek roots as "distance perception". It is the ability to discern the thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints of another in their absence, or in the absence of common spoken or gestural language. Webster's Dictionary defines it as "transference of thought" or "communication between minds by some means other than the normal sensory channels".

Telepathy is intuitive communication. Intuition is commonly referred to as our sixth sense. Turning again to Webster's dictionary, we find intuition defined as "direct knowing", "immediate understanding", or "the ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning". The power of intuitive perception is a natural one we are all born with. Not an actual sense, it is rather a way of receiving information from unconsiousness levels. Put another way, intuition occurs when we bridge our conscious and unconscious selves, or our consciousness with that of universal consciousness or higher realms. It is done intentionally by expanding our awareness. It occurs instantly, outside of time and space. So it does not matter if we are in the same place as the being we are communicating with or not.

Human children are often very adept at discerning the thoughts and feelings of people and animals around them, as well as beings from other realms, through their intuitive or telepathic sensing. Then as they grow older, in our culture, most are influenced by family, society, or school to disbelieve what they sense in those ways. Consciously or unconsciously, a forgetting occurs. Most children are not aware of it when it happens, and most adults never remember their early life awareness and never realize it happened for them. Gradually we forget how to use our "extrasensory" abilities and become detached from our intuitive powers. It is an unusual human who grows into adulthood in the western world with their telepathic abilities intact. Some do, though, and as it becomes more acceptable in the worlds of society and science, it is becoming increasingly common for people to seek to recapture their intuitive abilities. Many individuals are yearning to connect more deeply with life, with nature and with our selves.

Animals use telepathy to communicate all the time. In fact, it is their primary mode of communication, both amongst themselves and with their humans. It's what's happening each time your animal companions communicate through unseen, unheard means. And, animals definitely understand what their people are feeling as well as bits of what they are thinking, by telepathic means, although they don't always understand the "whys" of human thinking and behavior.

It is arrogant to say that animals cannot speak our language, and to presume that they don't understand us simply because their oral structures prevent them from vocalizing as we do and because their brains don't process sound the way ours do. We can't speak their languages either! This is the blessing of telepathic communication - it is truly a universal language common to all life forms.

Animal communicators serve as translators, facilitating and clarifying the two-way dialog between animals and their people, confirming when they are understanding each other, filling in gaps, explaining and helping to negotiate solutions to mutual problems. For the animals, being "heard" accurately through telepathic means often clears up many things and eases emotional burdens immensely. It can immediately enhance their understanding of difficult situations in their lives or those of their human guardians. For people, hearing their animals' perspectives allows a much clearer and fuller understanding of the various emotional, mental and spiritual factors contributing to particular circumstance.

"In the very earliest time, a person could become an animal if he wanted to and an animal could become a human being. Sometimes they were people and sometimes animals and there was no difference. All spoke the same language."
~ Netsilik Eskimo song

How does it work?

Scientifically, telepathy has to do with the fact that everything in life is composed of energy, that the energy of all living matter affects the energy of all other living matter, and that energy is in constant motion. It has to do with the cosmic "web of life", holographic and quantum physics, and the awareness that every thought and action that happens in one place affects all living beings everywhere. This is reflected in the saying that the beating of a butterfly's wing is felt on the other side of the world. Telepathic communication is a focused way of zeroing in on the energetic thought patterns of another living being in such a way that those patterns become clear in the language of the observer.

Telepathic communication is often largely a direct knowing, or immediate insight, of another's thoughts. For most interspecies communicators, it consists of various levels of awareness, or a combination of them. These levels include clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), and clairsentience (feeling). Information is transmitted and received in whatever primary mode is easiest or most comfortable for each communicator - visual pictures, sounds or words, kinesthetic sensations, often an instantaneous flood of information regarding the topic being discussed.

Some communicators receive what seems like a movie reel of a situation. For example, many who work with lost animals are adept at receiving such transmissions and can use it to great advantage when locating their whereabouts. Others tend to "hear" information from an animal, unscrambled into English (or whatever language they speak). Yet others receive bodily sensations in their own body, and thus are very good at discerning information helpful in pinpointing discomforts and shedding light on mysterious physical ailments which are not showing up in standard medical tests. Often communicators receive a combination of types of information which they then convert into a coherent package of information for the animal's person.

Various communicators work in various ways, all of which are equally valid and useful. It simply depends on the training received, natural aptitudes and personal preferences of each individual communicator. For example, many communicators work directly in a three-way conversation with the animal and their person, over the phone, translating each question or sentence back and forth. Others obtain basic information from the animal's person, then work remotely to connect with the animal and transmit the information received back to the human client.

Susan and Lulu

How does Susan communicate with animals?

Susan uses a remote 3 step approach to communicating with new animal clients. This method allows her to go as deeply as possible with the animal, receiving information as clearly as possible in the least amount of time.

The 3 steps are:

  • intake consultation with the human client
  • intuitive communication with the animal
  • feedback session with their person which can include interactive communication to expand or clarify

Intake consultation involves a discussion or completion of a form to obtain background information and and your concerns about your animal.

Communication sessions with the animals are always done remotely, even when a client is local. Susan has found that many animals are willing to furnish more information and do so more comfortably when they are relaxed at home with no strangers around. Likewise, she can receive from them more clearly and deeply when they are not in hers.

Susan begins the session by entering into a meditative state. She usually calls upon the guides and helpers who assist her and those of the animal with whom she is connecting, to aid the connection and provide clarification if needed. Next she introduces herself to your animal, explaining that she is a translator you have asked to pass information back and forth between the two of you. Often they have been expecting her to tune in, as they use their own telepathic abilities to know what you're up to - especially when it concerns them, of course!

She always starts by asking them if they would like to chat, and then invites them to talk about whatever they like, so that their needs are met first and they have a chance to start the conversational ball rolling. She then poses your questions or concerns to them and remains open to receive their responses. Susan basically takes dictation from them, writing down precisely what they say throughout the session and putting into words what she receives in pictures or feelings as accurately as possible. She always ends sessions by asking them if they have anything to add, before thanking them for their time and input.

Feedback sessions are when Susan reports to you all the information collected from your animal. She shares the entire communication session with you as precisely as possible, including all your animal transmitted in feelings, thoughts, words, and pictures, as well as what she said to them. These reports are given verbally over the phone, so that you have the opportunity to ask for clarity or expansion on any areas that don't seem clear. During this appointment, additional communication can be done interactively with the animal to gain further information or elucidation, or to discuss possible methods of resolving any difficulties. Audio recordings of the feedback sessions and typewritten transcripts of the communication sessions are available for those who wish to have a permanent record of their animal's session.

With repeat clients, communication work can be done either independently as described above, with email or phone reports, or interactively as a 3 way conversation over the phone.

What kinds of things can be discovered through interspecies communication?

You can learn just about anything about them through communicating with your animal, just as you do with your human family - as long as they know the answer to your questions. Animals are nearly always very honest and matter of fact about what's going on with them. Relationship issues, personality quirks, odd behaviors, troubles related to life changes or traumatic experiences, spiritual concerns, even after-life connection with animals after death can all be discussed.

Determining the animals' perspectives, transmitting information from their human guardians, and providing gentle and insightful interspecies counseling regarding emotional imbalances and troublesome situations are standard fare for communication sessions. Susan's work tends to focus on the soul level, and often reveals the reasons her human and animal clients are together, furthers their understanding of their life missions, and supports them in living in alignment with their purposes as they share their lives together.

In cases of behavior difficulties, Susan can often act as a negotiator, facilitating greater understanding between people and their animals and helping them to come up with solutions that allow a win-win resolution and restoration of peace to the household. When an animal seems depressed, anxious, withdrawn, or displays difficulties in adjusting to changes in their lifestyle or family dynamics, many times communication coupled with flower essence therapy can rapidly resolve emotional imbalances.

When a full communication session is requested, Susan invites her animal clients to share anything they would like to have transmitted to their people, off the topics their guardian presented during the intake consult. Often animals have their own agenda and interests, and are as thrilled at the chance to communicate them to you as you are to have yours presented to them! It's often amazing what they're up to internally, and always exciting to know your animal more deeply.

Susan also loves to ask animals if they know about their life purpose, or ask their guides for information regarding their soul path. This type of information is very often spontaneously transmitted to her by her animal clients, and is very helpful in determining if there is anything that you can do to assist your animal with their life journey, or if there is anything they need from you in order to accomplish it. Susan has found that many times animals and people have come together for very specific reasons, and often the animal knows exactly what that is and is anxious for their person to know as well, and to have it addressed while they are young enough to complete the work they came to do. Knowing the magic of how and why you met and working together to fulfill a common purpose is a profound way of connecting with your animal. Human cooperation in this direction is always deeply appreciated by the animals.


Can I learn to communicate with my own animal?

Yes, absolutely!

A Still Forest Pool

"Try to be mindful, and let things take their natural course.
Then your mind will become still in any surroundings,
like a clear forest pool.
All kinds of wonderful, rare animals will come to drink at the pool,
and you will clearly see the nature of all things.
You will see many strange and wonderful things come and go,
but you will be still."

- Achaan Chah

Interspecies communication is not a special skill available only to a chosen few. It is a birthright to us all, and simply requires interest, commitment and practice. There are many books and courses by professional animal communicators available today to help you and provide guidelines and helpful hints.

Participating in a communication session between your animals and an experienced communicator can also facilitate or kick-start the recovery of your own intuitive abilities, buried within you since childhood.

Meditation is helpful, because it is only by becoming quiet enough to hear silent language that telepathy is possible. People who say they cannot meditate despite many attempts may find that learning to communicate telepathically with animals is their entry into the world of meditation and deep reflection.

As with any skill, practice is the key. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. It's like a muscle needing exercise. Practicing with another person for verification is very helpful, especially in the beginning. And there are animals everywhere to practice with.

Trust is essential. Trust the animal is interested in your effort, trust what you get from them, and trust your own abilities. Without trust, you can impede the universe's efforts to support you and block transmissions from the animals.

Be grateful. Thank the animal for their participation and teaching. Thank your guides and helpers, thank Mother Earth and thank Spirit for the support and input you are given. Acknowledgement and gratitude increases the abundance of love and assistance available to us.

Additional Tools

Animal Communication
vibrational essence formula

Many vibrational essences enhance intuitive and extrasensory abilities, and Susan offers the following tools for those who are interested in opening, exploring or deepening their capacity to send and receive information telepathically.

1) Custom blends can help those who desire to focus on a particular aspect of their intuitive or telepathic sensing or who need specific blocks addressed.

2) Susan also makes a unique combination of flower, crystal and environmental essences especially designed to promote telepathic abilities, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and direct insight, as well as enhance clarity of extrasensory transmission and reception. Listed on our Prepared Formulas page; call or email to order.

Crystals to aid Telepathic Communication

diamonds for dogs ~ crystals for cats ~ uniquely enlightening gifts for your beloved - or yourself!

Susan highly recommends Herkimer "Diamond" crystals to support intuitive communication. A form of double-terminated clear quartz from Herkimer, NY that resemble diamonds in their exceptional natural clarity, they are called the "stone of attunement" due to their metaphysical properties.

Herkimer crystals possess many unique qualities related to their ability to receive, store and broadcast information energetically. One of these qualities is that a pair (or more) of individual crystals may be attuned to one another in such a way that they retain their energetic bond even when they are separated. When a pair of individuals possess the pair of attuned crystals, they are then more easily able to communicate telepathically with one another at a distance. In a similar way, Herkimers can also enhance our intuition through strengthening our connections with our own "higher" selves and guides.

Additional metaphysical qualities of herkimers include: clearing and stabilizing the aura, promoting mental clarity and calmness and clarity of the dreamstate, enhancing creativity, and providing a sense of lightness, inner joy and satisfaction with one's life.

Their attunement capabilities make herkimers wonderful tools for enhancing our abilities to communicate with ourselves and others on a deeper level and to remain bonded with our beloveds (animals or fellow humans) when we are separated from one another. It's not only effective, but also fun to get a set of attuned herkimer crystals, and wear or carry one of them ourself and attach the other(s) to our animal friend's collar, bed or favorite resting place. When used this way, these crystals help us to remain in closer touch and communication with each other while giving us their many other benefits as well.

Susan offers genuine, high quality Herkimer "Diamonds" of various sizes. They are ready to use or wear, either wire-wrapped for attachment to chains or collars, or made into earrings. You can select your size and style, and have her pre-program them for your needs. She will also attune a pair (or more) of them for you if you wish to use them in a set with your loved ones. Price range is posted on the "Services and Fees" page, or feel free to contact Susan for details.

Workshops and Mentoring in Animal Communication

Susan occasionally offers workshops to help people open abilities to talk with animals. Check our Events page for upcoming dates or call to see about arranging one in your area.

,She is also available for private mentoring. Please contact her if you are interested in this.