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Messages from the Wild Ones

Messages From the Wild Ones


If the vanishing ones call to you, please consider joining our free group!

Susan has launched a new group to connect with endangered wild animals in order to learn what they have to say at this time of tremendous change on our planet.

Everyone is invited! It is all free, and there are many ways to participate - no special skills are required. Just bring your interest, curiosity and enthusiasm. Fellow animal communicators and all others are very welcome.

Includes teleconferences, very special essence support, blog and Facebook group.


Susan was interviewed about Animal Communication, Flower Essences, Plant Spirit Healing and the Messages from the Wild Ones project by host Sarah McCroskey on Human Spirit Radio on Friday April 15, 2011. You can access the recording here:


Do you have a community interested in animal or plant topics? If you'd like to arrange a presentation for your area or group, Susan will happily discuss it with you. Popular topics are listed at the bottom of this page.



published articles by Susan

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Feel free to request a reprint or print these for your own personal use.

"In Honor of the Interspecies Bridge"

sharing the gifts and offerings of our animal brethren
(originally published in The New Spirit)

"Vibrational Essences ~ gifts from the heart and spirit of Nature"
the unique ways essences can help us with both everyday and deeper, higher level needs
(originally published in The New Spirit)

"Elder Joy"
specific essences well-suited for use with elder animals (and people!)
(originally in Vibration e-zine)

"The Greatest Gift of All"
how essences can ease holiday stresses for your animals (and yourself)
(originally published in Animal Wellness magazine)

Seminars * Workshops * Classes

Susan is an experienced speaker who loves sharing the joys of the essence world and animal communication with others.

Presentations can be designed to suit your organization's or group's interests and needs.

Topics can include vibrational essences, intuitive animal communication, and attuning to plant and nature spirits and other aspects of the Nature kingdom.

* Individualized Tutoring * Mentoring *

Susan is an accomplished mentor in vibrational essences, especially with animal healers. Her years of clinical supervision, lecturing experience and patient counseling in medical, university and research facilities provided her with skills to transmit information on whatever level is appropriate for the listener. She would be happy to discuss your individual needs and design a program for you to learn about essences.

  • For lay people, essences are a fabulous healing tool to become comfortable with using for oneself and one's human and animal family.
  • For professional healers, this is a great way to focus on just what you need to know about essences so you can easily and confidently incorporate them into your own professional practice.
  • Inquiries are welcome from essence novices and experienced users alike.