*** Plant Spirit Passages ***

The 2022 Project is now complete.

Plant Spirit Passages

Curious about the subtle dimensions of the Nature Kingdom?

Please join us for this series of virtual, interactive Plant Spirit journeys in 2022.

Together we shall travel hidden ways
into the multidimensional spaces of the plant spirits,
opening to receive their gifts of inspiration, wisdom, and guidance.


At the beginning of each gathering, I will offer
a preliminary introduction to the plant we will be meeting.

Then, we will travel together along sacred pathways through liminal portals,
entering the multidimensional spaces inhabited by the plant spirits.

Basking in their vibrational fields helps us open to their magic, wisdom,
and inspiration.

We will have opportunities to ask them questions and request their guidance.

When complete, after offering deep gratitude for all we received,
we shall take leave of their mystical presence
and return via the hidden ways
to linear time and our virtual space
for note taking and sharing our experiences.

Practical Details

You may attend any or all of the sessions.

No prior plant or shamanic journeying skills are required.

Please come with an open heart, a curious mind, and a true desire
to commune with plant spirits.

We will meet on the Zoom platform.
Recordings will be available to all registrants for 4 weeks,
in case you are unable to attend the live gathering or wish to replay the journey.


February 5 — Spring Gateway — Summer Snowflake
March 19 — Spring Equinox — Black Sage
April 30 — Summer Gateway — Rosa Gallica
June 18 — Summer Solstice — Matilija Poppy
August 6 — Autumn Gateway — Flax
September 27 — Autumn Equinox — Mugwort
November 5 — Winter Gateway — Rosemary
December 20 — Winter Solstice — Starflower

If you wish to order any of these essences, please pop me an email.