In naming her practice, Susan was inspired by the shining spirits she sees in her beloved animals and plant spirits.

Question: Who are Shining Spirits?
Answer: We all are!

Animals are Shining Spirits!

Our beloved animal friends and family are the most obvious Shining Spirits for those of us lucky enough to share their lives. Their unconditional love shines out from their eyes as they gaze at us, providing a brilliantly clear reflection of their Shining Spirits which is impossible to miss.

All animals are Shining Spirits. Even those who have been abandoned, abused, or feel unloved are loved by the Divine and by their soul family. Wherever they may be, however heavy their thoughts and feelings, no matter how compromised their soul by their current circumstances, their spirits shine forth to anyone who seeks their truth and seeks to help. Their courage and compassion are inspirational, reflecting the magnificence of their Shining Spirits.

Wild animals are majestic Shining Spirits. Regardless of human abuse, habitat loss, and in some cases threats of extinction, they possess and freely offer their wisdom and grace. They serve humanity as splendid role models on how to honor and celebrate our innate gifts and species assignment as stewards for all within the Web of Life.

People are Shining Spirits too!

Many humans wear more emotional and mental layers of self-protection, obliviousness, and denial than do animals. Some of us excel at hiding our inner selves from others, or even from ourselves. Yet the sacred flame deep within our hearts is eternally present. Regardless of our personal circumstances and experiences, in every moment we are granted an opportunity to remember our true nature and allow our Shining Spirit to be reflected in our lives as a blessing to the world.

All the kingdoms of Nature are Shining Spirits as well!

Who cannot see the living spirit which is reflected in a fresh flower? And in trees, rooted strongly in the ground as they reach into the sky? In the strength and stability of mountains, in the wondrous colors and structures of crystals? In the lively babbling of brooks and power of rivers, in the timeless tides of our oceans? In the heavenly glory of the stars and planets overhead and in the regenerative powers of the sun that gives life to all on Earth? The munificent Shining Spirits of the Nature kingdom freely contribute their gifts of vitality, beauty, and wisdom.

And the Shining Ones, of course!

The nature kingdom is overseen by the Devas and Elementals who hold the archetypes of divine inspiration and direct the nature spirits who manifest and tend the living forms who share the Earth with us. "Deva" is a Sanskrit word meaning "Shining One". Many myths and legends passed down through the ages give similar descriptions of such invisible beings, just as they do with angels. They are the radiant and benevolent Shining Spirits who connect us to our living world and to the cosmic web which makes us whole.

And the essences....

Along with the Spirit of Nature, the devic and elemental beings are our essence making co-creators. The Shining Spirits contained in liquid essence form infuse the Shining Spirits of all living beings who partake of them. It matters not how tiny our inner flame may be. Essences can re-ignite and illuminate us from within, restoring and renewing and revealing to us the essence of our true selves. And when our Shining Spirits beam forth, reflecting the perfection of our innate goodness and divine nature (essence), we serve all of life by lighting the way to the Divine for ourselves and for one another.


Blessings Be to all Shining Spirits everywhere,

seen and unseen,

known and unknown.

May we blossom together in love and wisdom and truth.