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Susan has developed a series of essence formulas specifically for use with animals and people living and working in shelter, rescue, adoption, rehabilitation and other animal welfare organizations. With their gentle and profound healing vibrations from Nature, essences are uniquely suited to address the many emotional needs of animals struggling to overcome difficult backgrounds while being housed in unnatural environments or confined to the indoors. They nurture, comfort and balance animals who have an innate connection to the natural world in a way which no other modality or substance can.

The following Shining Spirits formulas help animals to release past trauma and negative experiences, accomodate to change and human intervention, and experience renewed hope, courage and optimism regarding their present and future lives. And in promoting acceptance of human attention and socialization with other animals and humans alike, essence use leads to quicker and easier placement into loving homes, or in the case of wild animals, a quicker release back to native habitats.

Shining Spirits formulas are unique in that they consist of synergistic combinations of flower, tree, gemstone, crystal, mineral, environmental, elemental and esoteric essences from all around the world. Susan designs them with an awareness of the natural environments to which the animals are attuned, and bottles each one personally with loving attention to the needs of animals awaiting loving homes or a return to their natural world, and to the needs of the people who lovingly and selflessly serve them.

As part of her mission in the world, Susan has established a nonprofit program to educate and serve animal rescue and protection agencies interested in essence use. Please see the bottom of this page for details and enrollment information.

Animal Recovery Essence Formulas

Worthy and Welcome formula was designed to help animals with their initial adjustment to shelter placement. It's also helpful for any animal entering a new home from a difficult background. It releases past trauma and brokenheartedness; restores self-esteem, self-worth, self-identity, and confidence; promotes trust, forgiveness, optimism and acceptance of love and care; and aids adjustment to new routines and environments.
Use: Animals respond quickly to this formula, and using it for 1-2 weeks after their arrival will yield extensive benefits. Ideally use is continued for as long as additional benefits are noted, or until adjustment to the new situation seems complete.

Weaned and Nurtured is for animals who for any reason were not sufficiently weaned or nurtured by their natural mother. It creates a vibrational lifeline to the Divine Mother for nurturing comfort, and to their species oversoul for guidance and wisdom, their soul family for connectedness and support, and their eternal self for individual identity and determination. Facilitates bonding and confidence, restores trust, gives a sense of unconditional love. Relieves over-neediness and eating disorders related to weaning issues.

Balanced Compassion is for the people who work in animal shelters and rescue sanctuaries. It relieves fatigue, over-sensitivity and over-absorption of pain from others, and it helps to prevent compassion burnout. It uplifts, restores and renews one’s outlook, energy and spirits. It also promotes a higher perspective regarding the suffering one witnesses as a consequence of this type of work, renewing one’s initial inspiration to serve. It’s wonderful for anyone (human or animal) serving as a caregiver for others, especially when feeling drained or overextended.

Interspecies Harmony helps animals of various species who are required to live in closer proximity to one another than is natural for them. It lessens their instinctive fears, promotes awareness of their effects on one another, supports clear and nondefensive communication both with one another and with their human caretakers, and alleviates concerns, stresses and negative behaviors related to insufficient space and unnatural living conditions.

Feline Harmony is specifically for creating peace between cats, especially those who prefer solitary or only-cat status. It helps them accept and tolerate the presence of other cats in their energy fields and households, open their hearts to become loving and compassionate for one another, feel protected and safe in their environs, communicate nondefensively, connect with their inner selves and higher guidance, and develop a lighthearted, joyful approach to life. This is alot to ask of some cats, but patience plus this blend will help create a new, higher vibration, harmonious atmosphere in your home. And if you tend to get caught up in their dramas yourself, then try taking it along with them for best results.
Use: this formula has proved very effective in shelters and boarding facilities which have communal spaces for resident cats to share.

Pure Shelter is an environmental spray made especially for use in animal shelters, where it benefits both the people and the animals. It’s an excellent space-clearing product which replaces negative and stagnant energies with clear and refreshing vibrations. It also serves as mental and emotional balm; it calms and uplifts moods and instills joy and lightheartedness. On a deeper level, it harmonizes the varied species who are living and working together and brings their higher purpose of being together into clearer focus, creating a true feeling of sanctuary for everyone. Also wonderful for veterinary clinics. $18
Please Note: this formula contains approximately 15% organic lavender hydrosol. Unlike essential oils, hydrosols in the five years or so they have been used with animals have not resulted in any known reports of ill effects on animals. However, in the absence of definitive research, Susan does not recommend using them directly on animals. This formula was designed for environmental space-clearing and renewing use. It is not intended for application on or over animals.

Hope and Courage was originally designed for animals who suffer emotionally when they must endure the effects of longterm shelter placement and fear they may never be released to fulfill their life. It’s also useful for wild animals living in rehabilitation situations, people or animals having difficulty with indoor confinement, urban dwellers and anyone feeling discouragement, hopelessness, or despair. It renews fortitude and perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds; restores connection to the natural world; and brings revitalization to the energetic system, optimism to the mind, lightness to the heart, and comfort to the spirit.

Crate Comfort eases the anxieties, tensions, hysteria, overdefensiveness, depression, fear and loneliness which some animals experience when confined in a cage, crate, or carrier. It addresses boundary, claustrophobia, and isolation issues. It offers strengthening, stabilizing, nurturing and liberating vibrations which promote restoration of inner peace despite adverse external circumstances.

Calm and Centered formula is for use during and immediately after stressful situations. It acts rapidly to ease extreme anxiety, tension, vulnerability or ungroundedness in response to external events. It quickly calms and stabilizes animals (and people), returning them to their energetic centers and restoring their sense of clear self-awareness and inner peacefulness. Great for use during any acute distress or crisis. Very helpful in medical settings. This combination is also very helpful for daily use with animals who are so frightened by the shelter environment that they struggle just to function, relax or remain healthy.
Use: Use this formula as often as desired. It comes in both mister and spray bottles for ease of application and suitability for everyone.

Expanded Family formula is designed for use when a new member is received into the family – adoptions, new births, or any other addition. It relieves jealousy, unkindness, anger, and fears of not having enough love, food or attention to go around. For the newcomer it provides a sense of belonging and optimism about the future. It helps everyone adjust to changes in the family dynamic and promotes sociability, lightheartedness and a willingness to play together, improving the tolerance of older animals for young ones. When used by all family members, this formula creates a harmonious atmosphere in the home for everyone to share.
Please contact Susan for wholesale information if you wish to sell this formula to people adopting animals from you or include it in your adoption kits.

Ferals in the Family formula helps feral cats to integrate more easily into domestic households. It addresses self-esteem and their sense of being "different", heals weaning and abandonment isues, alleviates genetic and karmic factors, and assists them in trusting human caretakers and adjusting to human lifestyles. It also helps them and any existing animals in the household to socialize more readily. Feral cats can become the most wonderful domestic companions, especially when taken in early in life and treated with compassion, respect and patience as they adjust to new and loving circumstances.

Feral Cat Community is for groups of feral cats who are being cared for by people without the expectation of confinement and adoption. Ideally these cats undergo trap-neuter-release protocols and are then allowed to remain free in their community and provided food and medical care on an as-needed basis. Many of these animals serve their larger communities in various ways, and will exist peacefully and beneficially if treated with respect and love from a comfortable distance. Even short-term essence use with these cats will often indicate who among them have been previously abandoned by humans and are in need of being taken in and adopted, and who would prefer living out their lives within the feral cat community. This essence formula helps cats in such communities to be more accepting of human intervention, lessens fear aggression, enhances self-esteem and awareness of purpose, supports them energetically in remaining as healthy as possible, and strengthens positive aspects of their genetic heritage while reducing inherited negative patterns.

Nonprofit Program

Susan began this program to provide essences to those who need them the most but can afford them the least.
Participating groups are offered services and products in exchange for their feedback regarding effectiveness with their animal populations.

Services include:

  • free educational seminars on essence basics for your group
  • consultation on which specific essences may be most suitable for your needs
  • help in establishing a feasible delivery protocol that works for you and the animals you serve

Products include:

  • free samples of the Animal Recovery Formulas
  • refills of those you wish to use long-term are provided at cost

To be eligible for the program, agencies must be operating on a nonprofit basis in the area of animal shelter, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, or some other aspect of animal welfare. If you or your agency is interested in enrolling, or have any questions, please contact Susan directly via phone or email.

Bless you for your love and care of animals. Together we make a difference.

This work is dedicated to Charlie and Zelda,
whose shining spirits illuminated the darkness and continue to light the way.

A Prayer for Animals

"Hear our humble prayer, O God,
for our friends, the animals,
especially for those who are suffering,
for any who are lost or deserted or frightened or hungry.

We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity,
and for those who deal with them,
we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words.

Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals
and so to share the blessings of the merciful."

Albert Schweitzer