"The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different." - Hippocrates

client appreciations

"Susan's communication work with our cat F. made a profound difference not only in her behavior but also in her emotional connection with my husband and me. I called Susan after F. urinated on the rugs and furniture while we were away on vacation. She was completely withdrawn upon our return and would not play or interact with us. This continued - until we called Susan. Through communcation, Susan quickly unraveled F.'s prior story and discovered the source of her urinating and withdrawal behaviors. Susan was able to 'talk her through it' and through flower essences was able to ground her and restore her trust. Within a few days F. was showing clear signs of trust and relief, and within a week, she was her playful, loving self again. When a month later we had to travel again, F. was friendly and self-assured with the same cat sitter, did not urinate inappropriately, and we received reports of her balance and playfulness throughout our trip. Upon our return, F. was happy and gave us a warm reception, with no adjustment or withdrawn behavior whatsoever. I am so grateful to Susan for her warmth, and her amazing talents in communicating with animals. Her follow-up and excellent support through flower essences reinforced the [communication and counseling] work she had done with F. I couldn't be happier with Susan's services and the results she has produced, and would recommned her work highly. She is a gifted animal communicator and practitioner, reasonably priced, professional, and a great support to the human, too. Thank you, Susan!" (CA)

"Working with Susan has helped me understand my animals' needs and their way of seeing the world. Her communication and essence work helped solve some serious problems in our family that nobody else was able to resolve." (NY)

"Susan is my trusted advisor, one whose well-developed gift of animal communication I rely upon. Her amazing ability to connect with them and counsel our cats has enhanced our relationships with them as well as our family's overall balance and harmony. When two of our cats could not get along, she helped us work out unimaginable peace in our household. Later when our oldest cat died, she gave new meaning to his passing, assisting us all with expanded understanding we will always thank her for. Plus, she concocted very personal flower and gemstone essence blends for each of us that helped us grieve. Her essences have worked for us in a variety of circumstances, and always make a profound difference." (CA)

"Susan's work is quite remarkable. Through her communication and essence work with my two 10 year old cats she took what seemed like an absolute impossiblity to me - a cross country move - and made it a reality. My two cats are here in my new home with me, and the transition (12 hour day of plane travel) was amazingly smooth and ease-filled. One of my cats formerly had feral tendencies, and seems completely transfomred by her essence work; I am very joyful to be able to relate to him on a new level. Thank you Susan for all of your wisdom and support!" (PA)

"Susan offered my cat and me the most loving intuitive guidance and healing during a most challenging time when my beloved cat was gone from home. She accurately identified where he was and established a compassionate relationship through ongoing communication with him. I was able to experience the greatest grace during this difficult time knowing that Susan was guiding him and me to the highest outcome. Her loving intuitive expertise provided him with a most beautiful transition ceremony and guided passage home to Source. During the entire experience of working with Susan I felt that he was embraced in the compassionate communication and care of a most wonderful animal steward. I am most grateful for Susan's extraordinary gifts and the support she provided to both my cat and me. Her dedication and service to both of us exceeded my highest expectations." (CA)

colleague appreciations

"I am joyfully recommending the animal communication and healing skills of Susan Draffan. She has been a wonderful assist and healing presence with both my own animal family and mutual clients. I invariably find Susan to go straight to the heart of the matter, particularly the heart in it, and to lend a depth of healing presence into which the animals relax and find their center. I have frequently witnessed that simply hearing her voice has approached the valued of further interaction. Her remarkable skill for combining flower essences and similar vibrational remedies with communication have been the shift point for cats, dogs, rats, birds and horses with whom I am familiar. Susan has opened lovely paths of balance for children and adult human clients, as well as for myself and other members of my human family. Her ability to find 'just the right way in' with anyone I have referred, make them comfortable and move them along a productive path of action is always on target. Susan is a true and loyal friend to all species, Mother Earth and all the planets and star nations, and she is extraordinarily companionable with the devic and elemental kingdoms. Her love and vision for a joyful and respectful interspecies experience make her a welcome colleague and I find Susan, both practitioner and person, to be of stellar heart and soul."
-- Winterhawk, Animal Communicator, Energy and Shamanic Healer for animals & people; www.animalconsultations.com; www.equineconsultations.com

"Susan is a highly skilled, very intuitive, and compassionate animal communicator whose expertiseI have relied upon many times. I first called Susan to do a session with my cat S. when she had been very badly injured in one of her front paws. As soon as Susan's voice came over the phone, S. physically relaxed. It was remarkable to see the instant, deep relief she got from Susan's compassionate and insightful presence and communication. Susan was able to discern the incident that caused her injury, reassure S. that help was available, select and broadcast essences to begin working immediately, and recommend crystal work for me to do to assist the energetic healing. Within several days S. was herself again, vigorous and pain-free. The flower essence blend was very helpful and years later I still use it for her in times of distress. To this day, S. brightens up when she hears Susan's voice on the phone, and Susan has done much other communication and healing work for my family for which I am very grateful. My long-term experience with Susan is that her flower and gem essence work is her portal into the deepest communication with animals. I have referred many people to her because she is consistently able to take them beyond talking, into a deeper healing, creating vibrational shifts through the flower essences and her other energy healing work."
-- Denise Schultz, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master and Yuen Method Practitioner, CA; http://home.earthlink.net/~spiral11

more from essence clients

"I just received your essences and I have to tell you they are very powerful! The cats and I all felt very calm, relaxed and happy throughout the evening after taking our first dose." (IL)

"Your essence blends are magical, to say the least, and are always imbued with your acute sensitivity and nurturing instincts. They really work, and I am always amazed at the immediacy and power of your work. I have been mentioning to many how very differnet our cats are since you have worked with them. You have truly done an amazing job and we thank you so very very much." (CA)

"S. is no longer afraid of alarm noises or being left alone in the house or the car. Overall she's a much calmer dog since using the essence formulas you made for her." (NV)

"Your essences have made all the difference to BJ. His depression has lifted and he's once again enjoying his life and our family despite his health problems. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for returning him to us." (IN)

"Your remedies worked. B. is happy and loving and his attitude toward others has been transformed. He's very mellow now, even with the cats outside. His fixation with food is improved, he does not get frantic about it anymore." (IL)

"P. is much more focused and tuned into me in the ring. We earned our first AKC Excellence award this week. Your formulas work like magic for both of us!" (IL)

"T. is a changed cat. She doesn't hide from visitors anymore and my vet was amazed at how calm she was at his office today." (WI)

"Your bereavement formula helped P. so much that I decided to try it myself. Although I am still working through my grief, your essences and our sessions together have reduced my sadness to a manageable level and allowed me to see my loss from other perspectives." (NY)

"I cannot tell you how much your counseling and essences have helped me to heal and to grow. Many of the things you've said to me will always be with me, to help guide me through life's difficult challenges." (IL)

more from communication clients

"Thank you for all your support during K's transition process. I know he felt the presence of your love and that it comforted him greatly during his last weeks. Your insights and guidance were invaluable to me during his passing, and I know they will continue to inspire me." (IL)

"Your telepathic sessions with my cats have exceeded my wildest expectations!" (NY)

"Your confirmation of what I suspected was bothering M. was very comforting - it's wonderful to hear from an objective party that what I was sensing is correct. Beyond that, your session with him hugely expanded my perceptions of his thoughts and feelings, and more." (WA)

"I am astounded at what you were able to 'know' about T.'s past experiences. And learning about his life purpose and reason for being with me has not only been fascinating, it's taken our relationship to a whole new level. Both of us have so much more joy in our lives now because of our sessions with you." (CA)

"Thank you for taking the time to listen to us. Your care and concern for animals is uplifting. You are a true voice of compassion working on their behalf." (KS)

"I'm so very glad I found you. The help you've given me is irreplaceable and priceless." (IL)

a shelter appreciation

"We've been using your essences and they're making many of our animals more comfortable. The Feline Harmony formula is great; within a couple days the tension between 3 of the cats just seemed to melt away. The older dogs and cats appreciate the Elder Support formula and appear more relaxed and settled. The blend you designed for our goats has totally calmed their fear and 'jumpiness' as they hear coyotes at night. And the Beautiful Mothers formula you created for our resident dogs who are so depleted from having been overly bred is amazing. It was a godsend for our elderly retriever resident Sedona, bringing her a (very hard to describe) "lightness" where before there was only darkness. Then recently we took in a new dog with several mammary tumors and various other physical problems who was very aggressive anytime any of the dogs was within 3 feet of her. With your Worthy & Welcome formula, all the animals seeemd to accept her and all of her baggage well. However she still seemed angry and I really wondered if this was the right home for her. I started her on your Beautiful Mothers formula and within 2 days she was running and playing with the other dogs, the tension in her face was gone, and she was playing with toys like she'd never had them before. She even wrestles with the young dogs, too. I just wanted to share that this new formula is wonderful! I used the Balanced Compassion formula during/after Sedona's passing, for both myself and my own golden who helped me care for her. It really helped rebalance the emotional side of caring for everyone. Thank you for all that you do, your work is a wonderful addition to the care we provide our critters!"
--- Stacy Agan, Founder, Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary
Please visit this wonderful permanent sanctuary and hospice for disabled and senior dogs, cats and farm animals, at www.goldenheartsas.org.