Susan seeks to empower her clients in their own, or their animal's, healing journeys. She believes we are each our own healer so she considers her role to be a facilitator in each client's path to wholeness. She enjoys ongoing connections with clients who are devoted to continued growth, clarity or wellbeing, and encourages people to value the immense gifts essences offer for both short-term and lifelong use.

The Essence Therapy Process

Susan's expertise lies in designing and preparing custom essence combinations which will gently yet effectively resolve imbalances on multiple levels. She is skilled at providing her clients with insightful, individualized attention and personal blends that resonate with their individual qualities and needs.

There are many facets of successful essence therapy. They include: discernment of the nature of the underlying imbalances as well as an understanding of the symptoms reflecting them; accurate essence choices and harmonious combining of individual essence components; clear definition and ordering of therapeutic goals; ability to offer supportive counseling when needed; realistic assessment of therapeutic progress; appropriate use of or referral for ancillary healing methods; and the ability to determine if issues a client presents are not suitable to essence therapy.

Susan's approach for various clients may include:

  • initial consultation
  • energetic attunement
  • interspecies communication
  • insightful inquiry and discussion
  • essence formula development
  • essence selection and combination
  • treatment bottle preparation
  • followup consults to ensure successful progress

Initial consultation involves a comprehensive review of client needs and predispositions. With animal clients, initial consultation includes a discussion of the guardian's concerns, their ideas and viewpoints about the presenting problem, and the animal's personality, history, health, and lifestyle. The guardian's input and participation are critical to a successful outcome with animal clients. Initial consultation concludes with a summary of the client's precise needs and agreement on treatment goals. Consultation varies in depth according to each individual client's needs and preferences. Sometimes a supportive, insightful conversation and single blend is all that is required to resolve a concern.

Energetic attunement may be done to determine the client's energetic characteristics and the vibrational nature of their imbalances. It may be as simple as discerning which line or lines of essences most closely fit a client's energetic qualities or needs, or it may involve a type of remote body scan to intuitively discern which chakra or subtle body aspects of a client's energy system is depleted, congested, or overactive. This awareness is often essential to selecting specific essences which are resonant with the client's personal energy system and provide harmonious healing qualities for them.

Telepathic communication is an option offered to animal clients. Receiving their feelings, thoughts, and perspectives allows Susan to fine-tune the animal's blend in accordance with their own viewpoints, interests, and core nature. She often invites the animals to choose their own essences at the end of a telepathic session - which is great fun for both of them and enhances their receptivity to their blend.

Insightful inquiry and discussion are offered during the consultations and follow-up sessions, to support the client in clarifying and understanding their inner awareness and needs. Susan holds a perspective aligned with universal laws of attraction and abundance. She positively supports her clients' personal values, intention, creativity, and transformational success in regard to their healing goals, lifestyle changes, and dreams both large and small. Outcome based progress measures are the aim.

Essence selection and combination is done through a combination of intuition and knowledge. Susan often incorporates dowsing, meditative reflection, diagnostic insight, and energetic attunement in addition to her intellect, training, and experience in choosing essences for her clients. Oftentimes the selection process sheds light on unknown underlying issues, allowing a more holistic approach than would be possible through intellectual selection alone. She uses the essences she has created herself from native and garden plants in California, France, and Spain as well as drawing from her extensive global collection of over a thousand essences from California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, New England, Appalachia, Canada, Peru, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and India. This versatility allows her to select essences based on each client's personal energy qualities and therapeutic needs to achieve gentle yet effective results.

Formula development is considered in conjunction with essence selection. Susan's goal is to approach each imbalance on all levels while providing vibrational support for release and transformation. Formula development depends on information obtained during the initial consultation, her energetic and/or telepathic attunement findings, her knowledge of vibrational healing and essences, and her intuitive essence selection processes. Custom blends designed in this way offer a beautiful and unique alchemy which promotes harmonious healing and transformational processes. Most of her formulas and blends combine multiple types of essences (flower, tree, crystal, elemental, shamanic, etc.) in order to support deep yet comfortable changes.

Treatment bottles are always prepared with sacred healing intention. Base solutions are comprised of activated pure water and energetically cleared preservatives. When appropriate, blends are charged under a sacred geometry pyramid or on a flower of life template to heighten potency and unify energetic properties. The treatment bottle is then sent to the client with supportive written material, including a list of the essences used and their healing properties, personal affirmations suggestions to enhance the client's healing journey, and specific dosage recommendations for maximizing healing benefits.

Brief followup consults are provided at no additional charge to discuss progress and help ensure a positive outcome.

Additional Points

Most of Susan's work is done remotely via phone and e-mail. Long distance consults are just as effective as in-person work. In fact, Susan is disappointed to say that she rarely gets to meet her clients in person!

Length and depth of treatment: Straightforward cases with single healing goals can usually be treated successfully with a single essence combination formula. Complicated cases with multilayered issues and multiple healing goals are often best addressed with successive remedies or additional treatment methods (such as behavioral training for animals, lifestyle adjustment, ancillary therapeutic methods such as energy healing or body work, journaling, art therapy, or lucid dream work). Susan can usually anticipate needed breadth and length of essence treatment at the time of the initial consultation, and favors a flexible approach for treatment plans in accordance with the client's desires and level of interest.

Provision of essence-only services is also available for fellow healing practitioners. In addition to offering comprehensive essence services for her personal clients, Susan is happy to address essence needs which arise in the context of a client’s work with veterinarians, physicians, bodyworkers, other animal communicators, trainers, counselors, and others. Provision of supportive essence combinations can greatly facilitate physical, mental, and emotional healing and help ensure maximum benefit from other modalities. Therefore she also provides the option to simply intuitively select essences and prepare a treatment bottle for you based on your stated concern, without doing a full intake session, energetic attunement, or follow-up consults. She will arrange consultations with fellow practitioners upon request.

Essence formulas for other professionals: Susan enjoys making proprietary blends for other practitioners to use with their patients or clients. Essences are highly supportive of all other healing methods and can enhance results when used in conjunction with bodywork, counseling, education, and general healthcare. Some practitioners have Susan make formulas for them to sell to their clients, or are use them in their offices to enhance a clear, calm, uplifting atmosphere. Please inquire if you would like to vibrationally inspire the people or animals you work with through the use of a unique and custom formulated essence blend to support your own magnificent work!

Susan's mission is to celebrate the sacred shining spirit in all beings by assisting her clients in their transformational journey to wholeness.

She seeks to offer compassion, empathy, nonjudgment, comfort and support to all the animals and people with whom she is priviliged to work. Her intention is to reach the highest level of healing possible for every client and family.