Shining Spirits Formulas ~ for animals and for people

Shining Spirits Formulas are blends of flower, tree, crystal and gemstone essences. Some also incorporate elemental, celestial, and ceremonial components. Each formula revolves around a single core issue and contains a unique combination of essences chosen by Susan based on her years of experience with clients and seeing what works.

These combinations are designed to offer gentle and affordable healing support for common needs. They are excellent for lifting away stagnant energies and stuck patterns.

Every human and animal being is an individual body and soul. We are complex beings, and it is important to recognize that no one product can completely heal a particular problem for everyone. However, these formulas have a good track record and usually offer relief, insight, and transformational support toward greater wellbeing.

Sprays contain hydrosols or essential oils, adding aromatherapeutic dimensions to their vibrational healing qualities. All fragrance ingredients are therapeutic grade and either sustainably wildcrafted in healthy environs or organically produced.

All formulas contain 10-20% alcohol that has been energetically cleared. This permits a measure of health safety as well as efficient delivery of the pristine plant vibrations into our energy systems without compromising their refinement. For those with alcohol sensitivities, Susan recommends adding the essences to water containers or steaming beverages in order to evaporate the alcohol, or using them topically or around the body. Please see the Animal Section for more details in regard to alcohol with animals.

Sensitive Preparation

Shining Spirits formulas are always made to order, not mass produced and sitting on a shelf waiting for purchase. Susan personally prepares and attunes each bottle for the recipient, maintaining clear intention and loving attention - just as she does with her clients. Always packaged with love and gratitude, and sent with shining blessings.

Use and Care

Storing and using essences is very easy. Instructional handouts are provided with each order. Advice for birds and rabbits is available.

Sizes & Prices

Dropper formulas are 1 ounce, for $20.
Sprays with hydrosols are 2 ounces, for $30.

How to order:

1. Please call or send an email telling us what you want. We need to know:
  • title of formula(s) you want to purchase
  • your name
  • your mailing address
  • your email address
2. You will receive an invoice by email indicating payment options. If you prefer, Susan can take your information over the phone.

3. Upon receipt of payment, your order will be bottled and shipped within 3-5 working days.

We appreciate your patience as we migrate to a shopping cart system. Please be aware that Susan is a practitioner as well as a product creator. She personally bottles each formula when it is ordered, and will fulfill your request as soon as she is able. If you have an urgent need, let her know and she will do her very best to get your order to you right away.


 Formulas for animals

A note about alcohol and animals: When administered in the usual dose of 3-5 drops diluted in a water bowl or food, the alcohol content is negligible for most animals. It evaporates quickly, and can be removed immediately by adding doses to steaming water.
Essences can also be given topically or sprayed around the body or atmosphere.
   - For birds and rabbits, a secondary dilution is best. Instructions are provided, or you are welcome to place a special order made in appropriate ready-to-use dilution.
   - Susan will provide glycerin as a substitute preservative upon special request, but in her experience, it can compromise the integrity and effectiveness of essences.

Worthy and Welcome was designed for animals entering shelter or rescue environs, but is also useful for all animals with histories of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. It enhances self-esteem, self-worth, self-identity, and socialization skills. Helps relieve consequences of insufficient postnatal nurturing. Promotes trust, optimism, self-confidence, and acceptance of love and care from new people. Supports forgiveness toward and release of attachments to prior guardians. Aids initial adjustment to new routines and environments.

Expanded Family is an adoption formula. For the newcomer it provides a sense of belonging, renewed purpose, and optimism about the future. For existing family members, it relieves fears of not having enough love, food or attention to go around. It helps everyone adjust to changes within the family dynamic by promoting acceptance, openheartedness, and a willingness to engage. When used by all family members, this formula creates a harmonious atmosphere in the home for everyone to share.
   - Equally useful for animals entering a new household with or without other animals, and for reactions to the arrival of babies or new human relations.
   - Use: best used by all members of the family.

Separation Comfort is for separation anxiety in animals. This formula promotes calmness, courage, self-esteem, confidence, a strong sense of self, and mental and emotional stability when away from those with whom they share a primary bond. It helps connecting at a distance, especially when taken by both parties. It can also help ease the unique and deeply-seated fears of separation experienced by those who have been together and parted in previous lifetimes.
   - Note: Separation anxiety is often a multilevel imbalance with several cause and effect layers. If your animal's discomfort is not totally resolved by this formula, please consider a personal consultation and custom blend to facilitate or complete their healing process.
   - Use: Begin administering 3-7 days prior to separation and continue for 2-3 days after reunion or until relief is stabilized. Daily use in the animal's water bowl for 4-8 weeks is suggested for longstanding and persistent difficulties.

Feline Harmony is specifically for creating peace between cats. It helps them accept and tolerate the presence of other cats, offering a sense of gentle protection and safety. Supports communicating with more neutrality. Gradually promotes openheartedness and loving ad compassion toward each other.
   - If human family members tend to get caught up in feline dramas, then sharing this formula with the cats will yield greatest results. Helps create a more harmonious home.
   - Use: Give this formula to all cats in the household; simply stirring a few drops into their communal water bowls is usually sufficient.

MultiSpecies Harmony helps animals of different species having difficulty living together or in close proximity to one another. It assists them in understanding each other, lessens instinctive fears, promotes clear and less defensive communication, enhances an awareness of the effect of their own presence on one another, supports a sense of compassion and higher perspective, and aids their evolution.
   - Use: For best results, stir a few drops of this formula into all the animals' water bowls. If you share it yourself, you may find more rapid and harmonious changes occurring, as the animals will sense your support of their efforts through the shifts in your own vibrational field (even if you don't notice it yourself). For human use, simply take 3 drops under the tongue 3-4 times daily, or add them to water or tea.

Home Alone provides comfort to animals who remain at home while their human guardian(s) travel or work extended hours. Especially helpful for single animals who reside without other animals to keep them company, and for those who usually have access to the outdoors but are confined inside while when you're away. This formula relieves anxiety, boredom, and loneliness. Supports self-sufficiency, self-nurturing, self-play. Allows greater acceptance of present circumstances and care from pet sitters.
   - Use: Treat fresh water bowl daily. Mist bedding and other favorite rest or play areas for added benefit.
   - Note: Nothing replaces our personal attention and company. Many animals suffer greatly when left alone for long periods. When our lives require frequent or lengthy departures from home, it's ideal to arrange for a loving other to stay in our homes or at least visit for some time each day. Calling them daily so they can hear our voices and sending brief distant messages from our hearts to theirs each morning and evening can be very helpful too. Communication sessions to inform the animal of our plans and solicit their cooperation often allays fears and insecurities by providing understanding and offering ways the animal can fulfill a certain role in our absence. Allowing a friend to keep them in their home until we return can be a good solution for some animals, as well.

Vet Visit Support eases mental, emotional and physical distress during medical exams and procedures. Assists with fear, anxiety, over-sensitivity, hyper-defensiveness. Aids tolerance and self-control for brief periods.
   - Use: Mist carrier and car, or mist your hand and stroke them before and during time at vet office, as needed. (Avoid the eyes.) Repeat as needed.
Contains organic hydrosols for additional calming benefits. Not for oral use.
   - Note: For overnight medical stays, if the facility is open to using an essence you provide, you can special order this formula in a form suitable for water bowl delivery.

Ferals in the Family formula helps feral cats to integrate more easily into domestic households. It enhances self-esteem, a sense of belonging, trust, acceptance of love and interaction. Eases abandonment and displacement. Alleviates genetic and karmic factors. Fosters the ability to bond with their human family and adjust to human lifestyles. This formula can also help socialization with other animals in the household. Feral cats can become the most wonderful domestic companions and have tremendous wisdom to share when they receive love, compassion, respect, appreciation, and patience.
   - Use: You may find this works best if you share it with them.
Contains organic hydrosols for additional calming benefits. Not for oral use.

Feral Cat Community formula is designed to help groups of feral cats and the wonderful people who help them by practicing trap-neuter-release and feeding station protocols. This formula helps the cats to be a little less suspicious and more accepting of human care without lessening their autonomy. It promotes trust, courage, wellbeing, social harmony, and an awareness of their soul mission in this lifetime. Addresses past trauma, inherited and karmic negative influences.

Training & Teamwork is a formula for people and animals to take together. It was designed especially for use during behavioral training efforts. Also recommended for performance, therapy animals, and service animals. It facilitates learning new behaviors and releasing unwanted ones, enhances clear communication and focus between the animal and human, aids confidence and creativity, and reduces boredom, distractibility, and anxiousness.
   - Sharing this blend with your animal will enhance and strengthen the bond between you, in addition to helping you and your animal to function as a team.
   - Use: Bottled in a mister for ease of oral or topical use in any situation. Also available by special order with a dropper top.

Calm Boarder aids animals during their stay in boarding facilities. It lessens anxiety, fear, loneliness for you, and missing their home and routines. It supports them in accepting their current temporary circumstances and caregivers, promotes greater acceptance of strange animals, people, and places. It will strengthen their trust and faith that you will return and take them home, but arranging a brief communication session to inform them of your plans and give them realistic expectations of their boarding situation is enormously helpful and highly recommended.

Calm in Storms clears fears of thunderstorms. It addresses discomfort with the barometric shifts, noises, and visuals. Also helpful for fear of fireworks, nearby construction use, etc.
   - Use: For situational use. Administer shortly before, during, and after storms. In most cases repeated use through successive storms require fewer applications, and after a season or two of use, many animals will display nonchalance during stormy weather. May require refresher doses the following year in climates where storms are seasonal.

Happy Bunny is for house rabbits. Promotes trust, security, core integrity, bonding, well-being. Eases instinctual fears and over-sensitivity. Aids connection to rabbit species oversoul and purpose.

Happy Bird is for domesticated birds. It eases instinctive fears, species sensitivities, insecurity, depression. Connects their spirits to wild green places and a sense of freedom despite confinement and lifestyle challenges.

Happy Horse is for domesticated equines. Eases species and collective fears, memories, sensitivities. Enhances a sense of freedom and ease. Facilitates joy.

Formulas for Humans

Animal Communication supports the ability to exchange information intuitively with other species. Enhances our innate telepathic abilities. Aids clearer reception, perception, and thought transmissions. Helps to create a quiet, neutral inner space and engenders trust and confidence. Helpful for both for professional animal communicators and anyone seeking to communicate more clearly and easily with their pets or other animals.

Plant Communication formula supports those who are seeking to develop the ability to converse with plants or plant spirits, and for those who want to establish plant allies for personal or professional purposes. Helps with development of clear intuitive perception and reception, as well as for ongoing collaborative exchanges.

Clarity & Focus aids mental forces. Enhances concentration and relieves distractibility, fogginess, avoidance, resistance. Helpful for attention to detail, processing information, meeting deadlines, making progress on major projects. Great for students, writers, and those whose work is especially analytical or intellectual.

Sweet Sleep is comforting support for releasing the cares of the day and drifting gently off to sleep. It helps those who toss and turn in the middle of the night too, helping us to drop down into our slumbers again more readily. Promotes deep, restorative sleep so we can awaken rested and refreshed. May enhance dream depth and recall in some people.

Abundance supports attuning to the universal principles of infinite resources and intentional manifestation. Addresses poverty consciousness, ancestral threads that interfere with prosperity, and belief sets that impede the ability to give and receive in equal measure. Can help with abundance of resources in all areas of one's life.

Formulas for Everyone

Calm & Centered formula for use during and following stressful situations. It acts rapidly to ease anxiety and tensions arising in response to external events. Stabilizes emotions and calms thoughts. Helpful in emergencies, crises, household conflicts.
    If over-reactivity is a prevalent tendency, it is beneficial as a primary healing blend when used longer term. Highly effective for animals (or people) who habitually run on overdrive, exhibiting excessive energy even when receiving adequate attention and exercise. Whether due to breed characteristics, upbringing, or individual nature, this formula helps those who canít slow down, donít know when to stop, or go-go-go until they drop. It promotes moderation and awareness of one's own limits.
    This formula is often useful for habitual over-the-top energy expenditures and hyper-kinetic habits such as barking, racing, jumping, and over-striving in play or work. Helpful for breed specific tendencies, and will aid personality patterns if the underlying causal factors are addressed as well.
    Offered in a spray bottle or dropper top - please specify your preference.
   - Use: As indicated, or routinely for 1-3 months for longstanding individual patterns

Trauma Repair releases trauma imprints and helps resolve post-traumatic distress. Integrates and stabilizes the body-mind-spirit complex. Brings consciousness into present time. Suitable for accidents, emergencies, disasters. Helpful for both recent and long ago incidents. (Some past life concerns may require additional or different essences.)
   Once stabilization occurs, other relevant formulas may be employed for further healing. If trauma symptoms recur in layers over time, resume use of this formula to clear them as they arise.

Renewal refreshes, nourishes, and rejuvenates those coping with lengthy illness, chronic disease, or long-term recovery from ongoing depleting circumstances such as severe stress, accidents, tragedies, or disasters. Supports deep relaxation and rest in order to optimize intrinsic healing capacities. Nourishes body, mind, and spirit. Enhances vitality and flow through the energy systems. Supports perseverance, hope, faith, and positive perspective.

Thrive supports resilience, vitality, and clarity. Helps with regaining personal empowerment and one's sense of purpose or direction after setbacks or reversals. Supports accessing one's wisdom and guidance, and actively engaging in moving forward. Helpful also for those who are embarking on a new path in life.

Good Boundaries helps those who absorb adverse energies from others or are uncomfortably sensitive to them. Improves the balance, strength, and sovereignty of one's personal energy field. It seals holes in the aura, aligns and stabilizes the subtle bodies, strengthens vertical energy core and sense of self, and enhances awareness of oneís own inner light and that of the Divine protection which is always available to each of us. Lessens feeling overly vulnerable, unsafe, or too crowded in public places.
    This blend is of primary service to animals and humans whose boundaries lack integrity due to prior abuse, and to those who absorb or mirror the thought forms, emotions, and stresses of others.
   - Use: Take before entering crowded or otherwise uncomfortable environments, and continue using for the duration you are there. Adding to your water bottle while traveling or attending events is an easy way to do this.
    Regular use over time will eventually fortify personal boundaries so that such situations no longer induce discomfort.
    Visualizations and other methods easily complement this formula.

Sociability formula is for those who are overly shy or reluctant to engage with others. It addresses social withdrawal and avoidance. Eases discomfort in groups, timidity, nervousness. Strengthens self-identity, self-esteem, self-confidence, and tolerance for closeness to others. Allows the spirit to shine more readily and joyfully. Enhances the ability to enjoy life more fully, and let others enjoy us more often.
    For significant energetic discomfort in groups or confined places, Good Boundaries is a good preliminary or companion formula.
   - Use: Daily use for 1-3 months is helpful for most. Additional doses before and/or during gatherings with others typically expands benefits until the core pattern is transformed.

Hope and Courage is for anyone struggling with discouragement or despair. It fosters renewal, fortitude, and perseverance. Offers optimism for the mind, lightness for the heart, and comfort for the spirit.
    Originally designed for animals suffering in long term shelter or sanctuary placement, who fear they may never be released or adopted. It has also been found helpful for animals in captivity, for people confined away from the outside world and nature, and for anyone suffering with unrelenting, seemingly never ending sadness or hopelessness.

Light & Joy is for those who experience depression or low energy due to living with insufficient light in their environment. Useful for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), long winters or rainy seasons, gloomy climates, dark homes or habitats. It improves reception of available light into the energy system, deepens awareness of one's own inner light forces, warms and tonifies the energy system, and uplifts and energizes moods and outlook. When consciously invoked, it can also serve to connect one with beings of light in other realms, such as the Angelic and Nature Kingdoms.

Calm Traveler formula relieves mental, emotional and physiological discomforts related to traveling. Very helpful for animals uncomfortable in cars, and for plane travel. (Please do not subject your animal to traveling in a baggage compartment!) Addresses anxiety, fear, panic, grounding, nervousness, and motion sickness.
   Comes standard in a 1 oz spray form for ease of use, but 2 oz size is available. This formula contains a minimum, safe amount of organic hydrosol for added calming benefit, but may be special ordered without any aromatherapeutic ingredients.
   Use with animals: Start by misting your animal's carrier, or misting your hands and stroking them when heading for the car. Then just mist the air or vents in your car as frequently as needed. Very soothing for both of you on long trips or heavy traffic.

Heart & Soul enhances the bonds through deepening heart connection and soul attunement. It supports communicating from the heart rather than the head, promotes mutual understanding, expands awareness, and spiritualizes relationships. Designed for human-animal bond between people and animals who have a particularly deep relationship or mutual soul purpose, it is especially suited for animals who enjoy joining in meditation practices with their people and those who have reunited after a previous lifetime together.
    It is equally suitable for pairs of humans, pairs of animals, and deepening one's relationship with oneself, as well as with entire families who are mutually engaged in soul process together.
   Use: For those who share a lifetime commitment. One wonderful way to use this formula is to place several drops on your palm, and then anoint your own and your beloved person or animal on your heart and/or crown chakras while you're snuggling and admiring the beauty and divinity within one another.

Healthy Habits addresses nonproductive and undesirable habits. Gradually allows a more neutral stance in order to transform old patterns, more relaxation and flow and making new and positive choices for ourselves. Great for improving one's lifestyle or ceasing repetitive personal habits. Promotes a feeling of liberation and fresh perspective.
    With animals, this formula can be helpful with lick granuloma, feather plucking, ingesting nonfood items, changing diets or routines.
   For humans, it addresses nail biting and other nervous behaviors as well as instituting healthier lifestyle routines.
   Note: Effectiveness may depend on clearing root causes first, so it may help to consider what other formulas are relevant or arrange a consultation for a custom blend.

Adapting & Changing supports moving through changes in life with greater ease and grace. It assists acceptance of and adjustment to new circumstances. Promotes mental flexibility and emotional calmness, helping to release resistance to change on all levels. Great for household moves, family constellation, and changes in employment.

Nature Connection formula provides a vibrational link to Nature. While all plant and crystal and most environmental essences do so, this special blend combines those which most strongly, easily and noticeably forge a connection for those who are deprived of spending time in nature. Refreshing, uplifting, and inspiring for those living in urban environments or confined indoors. Especially wonderful for those living in high rises or situations without sufficient light, fresh air, or views of natural surroundings. Brings the vibrations of flowers, trees, crystals, pure rivers, gentle breezes, the sun, moon, and stars.
    This formula will also help some folks to better attune to nature spirits and other invisible dimensions of the natural world. Lovely for gardeners, hikers, camping, etc.

Elder Joy renews interest in life, uplifts moods, engenders self-appreciation and self-esteem, aids acceptance of physiological changes, fosters access to vital force, enhances a sense of purpose, supports gracious engagement and sharing oneís wisdom with others. Enhances cognition for some. Wonderful for both animals and humans.

Creativity call in your muse and rally your inner forces to support you in birthing your divine inspiration into form. Suitable for all forms of self-expression, including visual, literary, musical, dramatic, and movement arts. Improves confidence, creative freedom, visionary capacities. Great for moving through creative blocks and embodying one's highest creative capacities. Worth a try with animals who are bored with their life.

Creativity Mist creates an inspiring atmosphere in studio, office, or rehearsal space. Contains the same essences as the oral formula, plus luscious hydrosols.

Health Support Formulas

Align & Balance supports the musculoskeletal system. Helpful for addressing minor imbalances and maintaining corrections accomplished by chiropractic or other body work sessions. Eases mental and emotional states that can generate muscle tension. Helps restore more harmonious patterns and spinal signals. Grounds and uplifts entire torso.

EMF Relief addresses the ill effects of electromagnetic frequencies and fields on our energy systems. Very helpful for those regularly exposed to computers, cell phones or towers, bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi, smart meters, etc.
    Available in oral form and a spray with aromatherapy for added benefit. Please dilute further upon receipt for animals, or contact Susan for a special order.

Bugs Free offers energetic protection from insects. It works for animals and humans alike in reducing vulnerability to mosquitoes, fleas, no-see-ums, and ticks. Strengthens the aura to act as a protective shield, while also aiming to evolve host / biting parasite relationships.
    Use: add to water bottle or take sublingually. Frequency of use will enhance effectiveness.
    Mist with hydrosols or essential oils for added benefit is available. (Please order hydrosol version for cats, rabbits, and birds.) Spray topically or around the body, as well as on clothing or bedding, to help repel insects.
    Humans may also use the hydrosol mist version orally, by spraying directly into the mouth or adding to water bottles. This is the most effective choice for hikers and gardeners, especially those who naturally attract annoying insects.

Heat Relief provides comfort and balance on the physical, mental and emotional levels in conditions of excessive outside heat. It restores equanimity by relieving irritation and impatience. Cleanses and soothes the subtle body field and allows energetic expansion that supports accommodating to higher temperature degrees.
    Originally designed for use in extremely hot climates, it has proven useful for some women's hormonal hot flashes as well. Not for internal fevers.
    Use: take sublingually or in water, or apply topically.
    Mist with hydrosols is especially helpful for the aura and on human heat rash.

Virus Relief formula helps resolve the energetic imprints and presence of viruses. Helps to dissolve and discharge the presence of viral loads that compromise one's health and wellbeing. Useful for longstanding conditions, e.g. shingles or herpes, as well as for seasonal contagions.
    Please note that occasionally, this formula triggers a recurrence of deeply embedded longstanding viral conditions. This is not actually a "problem", rather it is a "healing crisis" triggered by mobilizing suppressed viruses into active mode. One can either discontinue and allow one's system to return to current time balance, or take a day or two off and then resume in order to help move the old energies on up and out.
    Also available as a spray with Melissa, Lavender, Chamomile, Yarrow, and Helichrsym hydrosols for topical use when skin is affected. Please check with your healthcare provider about using this spray if you have a complex or deeply seated condition. Be sure to do a spot test before applying on broken skin or using profusely.
    If you have an animal with herpes or other virus, please reach out to Susan for a brief consultation before ordering either form of this formula.

Surgery Support enhances energetic integrity, catalyzes inner healing resources, stamina, and faith. Seals auric disruptions and reestablishes energy flow through compromised tissues. Supports moving through the physiological, mental and emotional stresses with greater stability, ease, and grace. Suitable for any invasive procedures. This formula does not interfere with medications.
    Use: Best begun about 2 weeks prior to procedures, but helpful even briefly just beforehand. May be applied topically right up to the time of a procedure when food and water are withheld. Continue post operatively as long as benefits continue.

Detoxification Support helps neutralize and release heavy, stagnant, compromising matter and its energetic effects. For cleansing and purification of the entire energy system. Excellent for Spring cleansing routines as well as for clearing medication and toxic exposure residues.
    Available in both oral and spray formulations with added aromatherapeutic ingredients for additional benefit. Please specify when ordering.
Please use the oral form only with your animals, in their water bowl. If you have questions, contact Susan for advice for your particular situation and a special order.

Death & Dying formulas

Hospice Support encourages faith, strength, fortitude, courage, positive outlook. Supports forgiveness and making peace with one's life and relationships. Connects to one's soul, ancestors, and the Angelic realm.

Solace is a bereavement formula for animals and for humans. It eases the pain of loss, strengthens faith and trust, and promotes forgiveness and reconnection with loved ones on other levels. Promotes peace and acceptance. Fosters the ability to breathe into loss rather than resist it. Lessens shock and struggle as grief unfolds in waves. Also helpful when current circumstances trigger unprocessed grief from previous losses.
   Helpful for recent and past losses, as well as for anticipatory grief. Also applicable for those sensitive to and grieving environmental and ecological losses.

Caregiver Support is for all humans and animals who serve as healers, rescue workers, and family comforters. Highly suitable for those in health care, hospice, and shelter environments. Excellent for compassion fatigue. Relieves exhaustion and overwhelm. Lessens over-sensitivity and over-empathy. Uplifts and restores. Raises perspective regarding the suffering one witnesses, renewing faith and trust as well as one's original intent to be in service.
   Can also be helpful to those serving to ameliorate global degradation through nonprofit and service organizations.


The following formulas are available only in spray form. Y
ou may special order them without any aromatherapy if you prefer.

Pure Space is a space-clearing spray designed for environmental use. It replaces negative and stagnant energies with clear and refreshing vibrations, calms and uplifts moods, instills clarity and joy. Perfect to clear the air after conflict, discord, or stress. It can also be incorporated into feng shui practices or used by anyone who simply desires to create feelings of peace and spaciousness in their home or work place.

Healing Space is an environmental mist for use in healing environments. Offers space clearing and mental / emotional benefits. Releases negative and stagnant energies. Calms and uplifts moods. Great for refreshing waiting rooms and treatment areas.
    Use: Mist into the atmosphere between clients or as desired. Avoid eyes.

Sacred Space invokes peace, love, harmony. Ideal following cleaning and space clearing. Ideal for setting the tone in meditation, spiritual, yoga, and similar spaces.

Angelica invokes the presence and guidance of the Angelic Realm and our personal angels as well as archetypal angels. Very soothing, uplifting, reassuring, enlightening. A beautiful choice and favorite gift for the holiday season.
    Contains Rose, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Safe for all species as a room spray.

Dancing Heart Mist - dance with abandon, joy, lightness, and delight - in your heart, on your feet, in your life! Uplifting and energizing. Contains rose and orange hydrosols. For topical, auric, and ambient uses only.

Crystal Starlight Mist - enter into the mysteries of the midnight skies with this magical spray. It glows with the celestial brilliance of moon and stars, as well as Earth Light, the star power at the core of our planetary home. Also radiates with the angelic warmth of the heavenly realm. Serves as a vibrational bridge between heaven and earth.
    Contains Jasmine oil (hydrosol when available). For light atmospheric use as a room spray only around animals, but may be used topically by humans.
    When available, the rare Jasmine Sambac is used; this night-blooming Jasmine is known as the "Moonlight of the Grove" in India, offering a divinely warm and exotic scent born of embracing the mystical essence of the tropical moon.

Wildfire Recovery Flower Essences

These are specially designed formulas created in response to recent California Wildfires.
They are offered on a donation basis to anyone impacted by wild fires, in any location.
They are free for those who need them, and to human and animal support agencies.
Larger bottles are available for rescue groups, and Susan is glad to educate personnel.
Donations are gratefully accepted from those who can afford to help cover expenses.
Suggested donation range is $15 - 25 per bottle.
Proceeds will be shared with the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy
to support their trail restoration efforts.

These combinations are comprised of flower, tree, and other essences co-created in and around Ojai, particularly from native plants that respond positively to wildfires.

Essences are simple to use, pure and safe solutions suitable for all species and physical conditions. To learn more, please see:

All these formulas will support both humans and animals impacted by the fires. Animals can benefit from each of the formulas, in addition to the singular one designed for those confined in rescue environs awaiting reunion with their families or adoption.

Trauma Repair - neutralizes shock and terror, grounds and centers in present time
Renewal - nourishing support for stability, regeneration, recovery, hope, faith
Grief Release - eases and uplifts during loss, bereavement, separation, displacement
Calm & Peace - promotes mental and emotional calmness and inner peace
Rise & Thrive
- enhances vitality, wisdom, resilience, direction, and purpose
Caregiver Suppor
t - for overwhelm, exhaustion, compassion without being drained
Animal Recovery
- courage, hope, trust, coping with changes and new beginnings

Please direct inquiries and requests to Susan via the contact page on this site. Thank you.


Terms & Policies

Wholesale/Practitioner Rates: If you are interested in retailing these products, or are a healing practitioner interested in using them with your clients, please contact Susan regarding wholesale and practitioner rates.

Animal Welfare Agencies: Susan provides free samples and minimal-cost refills to nonprofit 501(c)(3) agencies providing care for animals, such as shelters and rescue organizations. Please see our "Animal Shelters/Rescue" page for details.

Return Policy: Susan guarantees your satisfaction. If you are not pleased with a product, please feel free to contact her for personal assistance or a refund. Should your product arrive damaged from shipping, please contact Susan for prompt replacement. Due to the nature of vibrational essences, they are not returnable.


Disclaimer: As is the case with all alternative healing modalities, these formulas are not intended to replace appropriate attention from a duly qualified health care professional. Vibrational essence use will vary for individuals, and is intended to support the energetic levels associated with imbalances. Personal responsibility, common sense, and reasonable medical advice should always be sought and heeded. Please consult your veterinarian if you have concerns about your animal's health. Be sure to rule out physical causes for their emotional, mental or behavioral disorders, and be sure to do the same for yourself.

Susan is committed to bringing essences to as many people and animals as possible.
Her essence products and services are dedicated to the highest benefit
of all who desire healing through the gifts of the Nature Kingdom.