"The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different." - Hippocrates

Susan's Background

Susan Draffan grew up in the countryside. Her best friends were her dog, her rabbit, horses, hamsters - and an "invisible" elf friend. She spent her happiest times in the woods and lake waters. Quite a few years and travels later, she adopted three cats from a city shelter. They instantly demonstrated their indispensability to her happiness, and she has shared her home with various and marvelous feline family members ever since. Susan currently resides in California with her human and animal family.

Susan's academic and professional background includes a clinical Master's Degree from Northwestern University and a twenty-five year career as a diagnostician, counselor, supervisor and lecturer in a variety of medical, university and research settings. She developed a natural lifestyle early in life, with particular intrests in yoga, herbs and stones. Her fascination with flower essences was immediate when she discovered the astonishing effects of Rescue Remedy on one of her beloved feral cats. Amazed and delighted, she immediately devoted herself to studying them and soon reoriented her life around essences and animals. The world of vibrational essences has dovetailed Susan's inherent love for the elemental, animal and nature kingdoms, and she feels very blessed to have had her life brought full circle by such enchanting emissaries.

Susan's training in the alternative healing arts

Susan has been working with flower essences since 1991, with gem elixirs and other types of vibrational essences since 1992, and has been producing her own essences since 2003. She has received formal practitioner training from multiple essence companies including Bach, FES, Alaskan, and Star Flower Essences, and she has attended a variety of training workshops with other producers and specialists including David Dalton of Delta Gardens. She considers her study of essences to be a lifelong process, and continues to expand her knowledge through personal education and work, interactions with fellow practitioners and producers, and conducting independent research. Susan belongs to an international society formed to explore the use of flower essences with animals and is a member of the Flower Essence Society in California and the Worldwide Essence Society. She is currently engaged in studying the uses of essences for shamanic work and planetary healing.

Susan completed an apprenticeship in Plant Spirit Healing with Pam Montgomery after realizing her plant communications during distance energy sessions were being tapped by the plants to offer healing energies directly to her clients. She finds her plant spirit allies to be remarkable and insightful guides and teachers, and as with essences, considers this a lifelong exploration and development of her natural abilities.

Susan is an interspecies communicator who works with all species and with animals in the afterlife. Her innate ability to communicate with animals was apparent in childhood, further developed by concentrated practice, and supported by formal training under Carol Gurney and Penelope Smith. She credits the ongoing deepening and expanding of her skills in this arena to the limitless generosity and patience of her animal clients, as well as to much appreciated input and exchange with her fellow animal communicator friends and colleagues.

Susan received her Reiki Master certification in 2001. She uses her energy awareness and Light transmission abilities for animals who are ill or in transition, for Earth-healing purposes, and for assessing and balancing energy flow in her clients and environments.

Susan's offerings

In her private practice she serves animal and human clients seeking help of all kinds; typical cases involve facilitating greater mutual understanding and more harmonious interpersonal relations, support for major life or lifestyle changes and the death and dying journey, and spiritual growth. In addition to her human and animal essence formulas, Susan provides custom essence products to other healing practitioners of various modalities to support their work and the benefits their clients receive.

Susan provides home, space and land clearing services through a co-creative approach involving the guardians of the space, the elemental kingdom, and her own guides, as well as the use of vibrational essences, transformative sound tools and sacred herbs as appropriate for individual situations. As Gaia continues to rise in vibration and to address the imbalances generated by humankind, Susan likewise has deepened her dedication to serving planetary needs and to helping Mother Earth to heal.

Susan's many years of successful clinical work, lifelong rapport with animals and nature, and combination of vibrational essence, telepathic communication and energy services all contribute to the remarkable results she obtains with her clients.

Susan's commitments, purpose, and joy

Susan is committed to facilitating her clients' awareness of their own perfection, to strengthening human-animal bonds between individuals and the interspecies bridge for everyone, and to enhancing the ties between the natural world and all species in it through her life and work.

Susan tithes a portion of her fees to various animal and environmental / ecological welfare associations. She donates her essence formulas and provides educational input regarding vibrational healing to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Susan's greatest joy is to facilitate living beings of all kinds on their paths to wholeness and fulfillment of their divine mission, whether they belong to the Human, Animal, or Nature Kingdom.

With deepest gratitude Susan acknowledges the many gifts she has received from her animal family and the elementals.
Together they were her earliest teachers and guides, they became her wisest and gentlest exemplars, and they remain her highest sources of inspiration.