Plant Spirit Healing

The heart sees the Giver of the secret – Rumi


Plant Spirit Healing is a shamanic practice of working directly with the consciousness and healing properties of plants. It enhances well-being on all levels, deepens self-awareness, and mediates integration with our soul selves.

Through Plant Spirit Healing we can:

  • clear, strengthen and balance the chakras, organs and other aspects of our energy systems
  • calming and soothing the heart, mind, spirit and soul during times of stress and tension
  • restore vital force compromised by trauma, injury, illness, or sustained challenges in life
  • release foreign or inhospitable imprints and entities caught or embedded in the energy field
  • renew the spirit and address spiritual malnourishment after a period of struggle or painful loss
  • ease depression, fears, relationship woes, lethargy, fogginess, indecisiveness, insecurities
  • mediate soul retrievals, integration of the mind/body/spirit complex, embodiment of personal power
  • help us clarify our self-identity, deepen self-awareness, and strengthen our true nature
  • enhance our ability to be more consciously, actively, confidently, insightfully engaged in our lives
  • support our capacity to know and fulfill our life purpose, soul mission and personal destiny

Each plant species possesses unique energetic characteristics, wisdom, sentience, purpose in the world and spiritual mission. All are engaged in planetary evolution in their individual ways, and some have particular purposes in working with humanity. “Plant spirits” are the elemental embodiment, collective consciousness and vibrational qualities of a species. Each plant spirit offers specific qualities that dovetail uniquely with our challenges as human beings.

Through their personal relationships to the plant spirits and shamanic intervention, plant spirit practitioners facilitate their client's personal capacity to generate profound changes in their own energetic makeup and conscious awareness. It is as if all the perfection of the plant’s form, elemental and spiritual aspects are transposed and infused onto the client’s form, energy field and spirit, thus creating a template that is in closer alignment with the client’s own divine nature and energetic blueprint.

One doesn’t need to be sensitive to inner seeing or hearing, or intellectually knowledgeable about plants or nature, to receive the healing gifts offered through Plant Spirit Healing. It is only necessary to come to the work with an open heart and a desire to more closely embrace one’s own perfection.

The Plant / Human Connection

The Plant Kingdom existed on our planet long before humans. Plants have always supported our physical needs through nutrition, fabrics, and medicines. But on a deeper level, we inherently share mutually supportive cellular constructs; living plants provide oxygen to us and photosynthesize the carbon dioxide we exhale. The reality is that we exchange our breath with living plants in a synergistic process that allows both of us to flourish. Without this exchange, we humans would not survive.

Plants are ahead of us in learning to accommodate to climactic and environmental changes by updating their own biochemical requirements and characteristics. They have much to offer us in this regard, possessing unique qualifications to teach us energetically and consciously about evolutionary possibilities and methods from a more ancient and flexible Earth dwelling perspective.

Beyond the material plane, we can access the more subtle gifts that the plant kingdom offers humanity as well. Indigenous peoples have always listened to plants and passed down stories and legends revering the adventures and heroism of local plant beings. In the past, when our ancestors lived closer to nature, they were often able to discern the true gifts of plants. This awareness is often reflected in the common names they gave to plants, such as Bleeding Heart, Snapdragon and Lady’s Slipper. Plants have much to tell us about our mutual world and about our selves as living members of it, and when we connect our energies and consciousness with theirs, they can heal a great many of our modern day ills.

Tribal medicine men of many cultures have long entered the dreamtime with plants for healing purposes. Plant Spirit Healing as a Western culture modality is a fairly recent development which falls into the currently popular trend of returning to shamanic approaches to receive healing that allopathic and intellectual means have failed to provide. For those interested in learning more about the science behind this concept, there are many resources available now, e.g. documented studies about the effects of mental and emotional human intervention on living plants, explorations of shamanism and explanations based on quantum physics, corollaries between the herbal, homeopathic, vibrational and subtle effects of plants on humans, and so on.

How does Plant Spirit Healing work?

Like all shamanism, Plant Spirit Healing is conducted nonlocally, or outside of linear time and space. Because the plant spirits exist in a different dimension than we do, distance is not a factor and sessions can be conducted with clients anywhere in the world. As with indigenous shamanic medicine traditions, it is the practitioner’s respecting and honoring of their plant spirit allies that facilitates the reciprocal bonds required to transmit their bounteous gifts.

PSH sessions are co-creative, meaning that it is the cooperation and coordination of multidimensionally diverse beings (plant, human or animal, Divine) working together to transform states of living energy. All living beings are composed of energy, and while energy can't cease, it can transform. When we invite the plant spirits to directly interface with our own vibrational field and allow our energies to merge with theirs, we can directly enter into resonance with the perfect blueprints of the plant spirits, thereby potentiating more harmonious states in our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies.


How Susan mediates Plant Spirit Healing sessions

Through her intuitive ability to connect with the plant spirits and the ongoing relationships she cultivates with them, Susan has established plant spirit allies. These allies serve as guides for her and as healers for her clients, and also allow Susan access to other plant spirits related to her clients’ personal affinities and needs, when appopriate.

As a Plant Spirit Healing practitioner, Susan serves as a conduit for the energetic and sentient gifts the plants choose to offer her clients. As with all healing practices, she is not the healer; the clients themselves are. She simply serves as the bridge between them and the plant spirits – a conduit for the necessary connections and a channel for the guidance offered from other realms of consciousness.

Susan opens and maintains the links between her innner awareness, her client’s energy field and her plant allies. While the plant spirits conduct the session based on their own intelligence and perceptive awareness of the client’s energetic needs, Susan supports the client's receipt of the plant spirits' gifts and recognition of the changes the plant spirits are engendering within them. She also serves a witness and educational function, observing and clarifying for the client what transpires in the session and suggesting actions that may enhance the healing shifts afterward.

The Plant Spirit Healing session experience

All Plant Spirit Healing sessions are done remotely from Susan’s sacred healing space. Following a brief conversation to answer any questions you may have and to define your healing intention, sessions may be conducted interactively over the phone or you may relax off the phone during the work, and discuss it with her afterward. All that you need to do is be quiet, relaxed, fully present (undistracted), and in a receptive state in order to receive the healing energies offered.

Susan will attune to your energy field, call upon her plant allies, and inform them of your healing intention. They may work to strengthen or integrate your energy field, release what is outdated or doesn’t belong to you, relieve you of obstructions that may be holding you back in some way, or catalyze a new awareness of the path you are to take next in life.

You may be invited to a sacred healing temple to restore your spirit; a sacred woodland to find your path; a flowery meadow to lighten your heart or ease your mind; the underworld where you can release heavy burdens … anywhere the plant spirits reside and work is open to those willing to embark on a shamanic journey into their interior world.


You may notice physical sensations, thoughts, images or words as the session unfolds, or you may not notice anything, or fall asleep during the session. It is best to allow a short time afterward to integrate the healing effects and gently recover your everyday awareness. Drowsiness usually indicates an inner need for rest and further integration, and means it's best to allow yourself to enjoy a nap where lucid dreams may deepen the benefits. Many people report an unusual sense of clarity and renewed vitality after the session. Increased confidence, self-assurance, creativity, inspiration or answers to long held questions are frequently reported in the days that follow.


Your Plant Spirit helpers

Unlike many traditional plant spirit practitioners, Susan is happy to reveal to you who your plant spirit helpers were, and what she observed them to be doing during your session. Her observations generally dovetail with her clients' personal experiences during the session, and though the precise images and ideas may vary due to your respecitve filters, the journey and its meaning will be resonant and can usually be quite clearly interpreted.

Susan will be able to explain to you more about the gifts of the plant spirits who came to work with you. She will offer you an essence bottle of the plant(s) if you wish and offer suggestions for cultivating a deeper relationship with them if you wish. She may also suggest related activities you might engage in to further the direction initiated by the session. This can support maintaining the energetic shifts and stress relief manifested in the session, and can be especially helpful when work on the soul level is facilitated.

Animals and Plant Spirit Healing

Animals generally respond beautifully to plant spirit healing work because of their inherent connection to the natural world. Both outdoor and indoor animals respond quickly and deeply to facilitated connections with the plant spirits.

Because she is also an animal communicator, Susan is able to ask the animal what they wish to address, to hear from them what they are experiencing during their session, and how they feel afterward, in addition to discerning shifts in their energy field in response to the work. She will report to you what she observed and what they have to say about their session.

Animals are frequently able to stabilize their inner changes very well on their own, but some benefit from taking a related flower essence for a couple of weeks as a vibrational model or just to enjoy the continued connection with Nature.



All of Susan’s Plant Spirit Healing sessions are dedicated to the health of the Earth and to Nature ...
the whole of which we are a part and which allows us to survive and thrive.
May all beings be free, well and happy ~  and may all humanity be inspired to steward this world we call home.