What Is Vibrational Healing?

Essences are a type of vibrational healing, as is acupuncture. By clearing and aligning the body’s energy system, vibrational healing methods effectively promote harmony from the inside out. Vibrational modalities are truly wholistic; they correct imbalances by resolving underlying root causes through releasing and balancing effects, rather than suppressing or controlling surface symptoms. Once the causative factors are resolved, related outer signs (symptoms) often dissolve effortlessly on their own accord. Vibrational healing bridges the wisdom of ancient healing techniques wtih the cutting-edge of modern mind-body science, and provides a foundation for the future of wholistic medicine.

All living matter consists of energy, and well-being on all levels depends on the ease, flow and strength of energy patterns. Humans and many other animals have complex energetic systems composed of internal physical structures such as organs and glands, energy centers (chakras), energy pathways (meridians) and layered subtle bodies (the aura). Essences are pure energy forms which vibrate at the unique characteristic frequency levels of their original source. The principle of resonance allows them to harmonize imbalances existing at the same frequencies. Each droplet acts like a sort of divine tuning fork to "tune up" the energy field via its pathways, centers and layers. If no imbalance exists in an energy system at the frequency of an essence, then that essence simply has a null (lack of) effect on that particular energy field because there is no resonant response.

The harmonizing effects of vibrational essences serve to dissolve the energetic consequences of our accumulated life stresses. Such consequences can manifest as emotional, mental, behavioral or physical disorders. Essences act in a very positive manner, flooding our energy fields with the pure, gentle, healing vibrations of nature which are the positive opposite of the energetic imbalance being addressed. They treat the individual as a whole, taking into account personality and soul concerns as well as their resultant patterns of apparent dysfunction. When done successfully, this approach resolves the pattern or condition altogether, by alleviating the root cause rather than simply suppressing its expression.

For example, to address social anxiety, essences with qualities of courage, self-esteem, confidence, self-expression, centered awareness of others, and/or healthy personal boundaries could be chosen, according to the individual. Additional applicable essences might treat the historical seed of the imbalance, such as childhood traumas, familial modeling, negative past experiences, or negative self-expectations. Tendencies to fall back on outdated or unwanted patterns could be targeted as well as to enhance the ability to change the related behaviors. Similarly, depression is addressed with essences which provide uplifting and joyful energy patterns, despair with those fostering hope, suspicion with those promoting trust, and so on.

Conventional means often attempt only to "manage" the symptomatic consequences of our underlying imbalances. Aside from failing to heal the root of the problem, such methods fail to help us understand what we need to change within ourselves to achieve true well-being. Imbalances and even illnesses can serve us by by drawing our attention to our innermost needs. By working through our conscious awareness, essences offer us the gifts of greater self-understanding and support for greater personal growth.

Further, when only symptoms are treated, the underlying imbalances simply go elsewhere in our psyches or in our bodies. This eventually creates havoc in another way or deeper level. Energy can only be transformed. Essences are especially adept at restoring balance at the outer layers of our aura before the problem is seeps inward to our physiological states and organs. Thus they are excellent at preventatively promoting sound health and physical well-being.

This, then, is the miraculous nature of vibrational healing with flower and other vibrational essences. They allow us to move through our lives gracefully, learning from but unencumbered by the difficult experiences we encounter along the way. They effectively enable our innate balance of body, mind and spirit.

The Mind-Body Connection

The basis for vibrational healing is the mind-body connection, which is now well-accepted by most health systems, and explains why stress creates illness. Common examples are experiencing a headache when we’ve mentally overworked ourselves, or being more susceptible to viral infections when we’re rundown and have leaks in our energy field. The old folk song “the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone...” is just a piece of the whole truth. ALL is connected. Nothing is separate, in our bodies, our minds, our world or the Universe.

Thus, on a simplified level, nausea may be related to not being able to stomach something that’s happening in our lives. Gastric reflux may reflect our unwillingness to swallow a challenge or inability to digest all its aspects sufficiently. Shoulder pain may mean our burdens feel too great (having to “shoulder” too much). Throat or jaw problems may have to do with inner conflicts about expressing ourselves. On a more serious scale, heart conditions can indeed be related to broken-heartedness or loneliness, asthma to resisting painful emotions rather than breathing into life, joint problems to mental inflexibility and difficulty going with the flow of life.

These connections are fundamental to Eastern medicine systems, such as the Chinese method of connecting emotions to particular organs and meridians, and they are now being examined by forward-thinking Western medical researchers. They also illustrate the wisdom in examining the nature of our illnesses, which can serve us in our mental and spiritual growth. Illness is sometimes a great gift designed to show us what we need to attend to in order to further our awareness and fulfill our destiny.

This is certainly not to say that all disease is created by our minds! Illness has many bases, including genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. There is no replacement for appropriate medical diagnosis and treatment, and essences are in no way a substitute for medical care. They are, however, wonderfully supportive tools for medical treatments of all kinds. And since illness or dis-ease (not at-ease) with our self or with our life typically impedes our sense of well-being, balancing our emotional and mental states can greatly contribute to our physiological health. In all cases of illness or health challenge, regardless of the root cause, the presence of negative thoughts and imbalanced emotions can impede healing and recovery. And conversely, positive visioning and emotional and spiritual equipoise enhance healing and physical wellbeing.

The mind-body connection also explains why, when stress and other negatively-charged feelings and thoughts are released from our energy systems, it’s not unusual to find our health status improving as well. It's simply the mind-body connection operating in reverse. The cause and effect may not be apparent to us, and if recognized it may seem coincidental. Yet the underlying reality of such seeming synchronicity or serendipity is often quite profound.

When an essence is appropriately matched to our energetic needs, in time our entire energy system resonates regularly in a more harmonious manner at that frequency. The vibration extends from our outer subtle bodies to our cellular structure. Continued use promotes a rejuvenation of our internal vibrance and infuses us with a sense of wellbeing as our hearts, minds, and bodies come into perfect alignment. The fundamental beauty of healing with vibrational essences is that they allow us to experience harmony on all levels of our being. They are truly the epitome of mind-body-spirit healing.